Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Q&A

Let's see if this works.........

Every week I get questions from all my kind/sweet/funny/adventurous/super cool readers via comments/emails/instagram/facebook and as many of you have learned I have the HARDEST time getting back to you. I just can't sit on my computer all day answering me crazy. 

For frequently asked questions (camera talk, etc,) check out the FAQ (which most likely needs to be updated.)

If I have questions related to specific posts/photos that apply to everyone, I will try my hardest to post them here every few weeks.'s that sound?

a-a-ahem, here we go.

Where is your green jacket from (from THIS post):  Patagonia. 

Favorite camping spots in Utah: That's like trying to pick a favorite ice cream's impossible! You really can't go wrong--I love camping in the dessert around Moab in the spring and fall--there are TONS of campgrounds there (and they all look like THIS!) We love the Uintas in the summer time, and there are many established campgrounds around the lakes off Mirror Lake Highway, or you can hike a few miles (in basically any direction) and find your own spot.

What ice cream maker do you use (recent ice cream post HERE): Our ice cream machine is the same one that we got for our wedding.....and it's on it's last leg. Are we the only people still making our ice cream the old fashioned way with ice and rock salt? We are in need of one of those new fancy schmancy robot machines that makes ice cream in 30 minutes or something. Who can recommend one?

WHERE IS "THIS"? Ok ok, here is the deal. I am ALL for sharing great hiking/camping/exploring spots that we find, and mostly I give you all kinds of juicy details. 
There is something really awesome about having "secret places" that not many people know about. So if I DON'T give specific details of exactly where I am, I have good reason.
For specific trail info, check out some of my "On the Trail" posts.
Do a little exploring for your own secret places.....they are fun to have.

*these questions were from the last week only. did you ask a question a million weeks ago and never heard back? try again here.

question for YOU: After updating my "Where to Eat" page, I realized I have yet to find a good cupcake in Utah. Where do I need to try??!! I'm not a fan of Sweet Tooth Fairy (sorry.....basically everyone), but there has to be something I'm missing.......anyone? bueller?

and......a quick thank you:

In addition to questions, I also get THE most amazingly thoughtful comments and emails from so many of you. I always think it's crazy that people take time out of their lives to read my silly words, but to know that they are encouraging even one person out there is the best feeling, and it's why I keep at it. 

I just have to share a few:
Ashley Sjuts says......"I cannot tell you how much your blog has inspired me to get out and get moving. I am a couch potato by nature but your posts and pictures really make me want to get out there and be active. I have a one year old and the happiest days she has are when we get out and get into nature and the world. Thanks for inspiring me to get off the couch and explore, even if it is just around our area of the world with a lot of corn : ) 

 The sweetest email from Molly Haas
"thank you for posting inspiring blog posts over and over again --- I sense that every time you urge your readers to get out and explore, another person internalizes that message. And while you may be getting tons of these thank you emails a day, I wanted to do my part by voicing that appreciation. Though our society often trivializes blogging, I hope you know that you’re doing incredible work through yours, and that people’s lives (even nineteen year olds’ lives in California) are changing for the better because of it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"
Thank YOU Molly....... :)

Ali and I got up before the sun on Wednesday morning and ran up Timpanogos........the BEST way to start any day. Everyone needs a friend they can climb up mountains with.
I have never ever ever in my life seen wildflowers like this--even more impressive than last year. Photos just don't do it justice....

After your morning hike, head down the canyon and find the WaffleLuv Truck....YUM
all photos taken on my iphone and edited with PicTapGo

Want to hike Timp? You should! Here are the details:
via Timpooneke Trail (up American Fork Canyon) 
just under 15 miles round trip. 
11,749 ft high (6126ft gain) 
lots of fast hiking, running a little up, all the way down, and a little scrambling to the top--nothing too serious or scary.
This trail gets CROWDED so I recommend starting as early as you can and avoiding Saturdays all together.
4hrs 43 minutes for us.

Happy Weekend!


Julie said...

I have a Cuisinart ice cream maker and it is awesome! You keep the bowl frozen in the freezer and whip it out any time you want to make some ice cream.

The Fredy Family said...

I second the Cuisinart ice cream maker! I was just looking at a new one last night, not because the one I have is 8 years old and works like it's brand new but because they have AMAZING colors now!

melissa said...

yeah, where's the signup sheet for friends like that?

also--you RAN timp????!!!! sheena. come on.

emily o. said...

Cuisinart all the way!

Carrie said...

I haven't hiked timp since I was a little kid. I'm going to have to make it priority next time I'm in Utah. How beautiful are those wildflowers?!

Another vote for any cuisinart ice cream maker. I got mine at costco and I love it.

liv said...

we actually just made your brown sugar/vanilla bean ice cream in our cuisinart and shared it with our neighbors- now they think we're super awesome. i love tulie bakery in salt lake for yummy cupcakes and pretty much everything else.

Erica said...

Okay, so as far as good cupcakes go (we don't like Sweet Tooth Fairy either), next time you're in St. George try 25 Main. They have really simple flavors, but we liked them a lot :)

jenniferhoiyin said...

Seriously cannot say enough times how amazing you are! I have heard incredible things about the wild flowers around Cecret lake in little(?) cottonwood canyon. We are camping there in a week or so, these wildflower pics get me excited. And kudos for you not giving up your secret spots, hold onto them! Mirror lake highway has some of our favorite places!

Lori Cartwright said...

Not a fan of the Sweet Tooth Fairy either. Try the Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe in Provo. Amazing flavor combinations. We ordered 500 for my daughter's wedding and they were a hit. The top choice for most guests was Lemon Blueberry.

the hawker's said...

Go to the Cocoa Bean ( in Provo) for your cupcakes!! Try the chocolate raspberry flavor! It's definitely worth getting fat over! (That's how we judge if a sweet treat is really worth it or not at our house! haha!)

Eleanor said...

My husband bought me a Rival ice cream maker 13 years ago and I just took it out of the box this summer for the first time. Whoops. (he enjoyed chastising me). It does work great though!
I have a Cuisinart soft serve machine because I generally prefer soft serve and that works well too.

likeschocolate said...

Coco bean in Provo for cupcakes

Kasey said...

4th vote for the Cuisinart ice cream maker right here. Love it!

Stueller said...

Cravings in Pleasant Grove was served at a birthday party I went to, blew Sweet tooth fairy out of the water. I will have to try that cocoa bean place everyone here posted about... sounds yummy!!!

Jackie said...

Secret places rock! We try to keep ours hidden too ;) Awesome photos as always!

Merrit said...

I'd love to know what gear you used while backpacking! Sleeping bag, tent, water carrier, etc? Taking my first all girls hiking trip soon and we all need gear. Please help! Yikes!

Unknown said...
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