Wednesday, July 24, 2013

get your summer on

Have you heard the talk around town? 
Things like "coming to an end"
"winding down"
and the worst........"back to school"

I refuse. 
Refuse to give in, refuse to play along. 
Refuse to say those terrible words. 
Our summer is still alive and well. 
Every extra minute will be spent on summer. 
Mountains. Lakes. Friends. Hot dogs over the fire. Wild hair. No bedtimes. Summer.
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Don't give up! Get your summer on.


Anonymous said...

it's just been a month since summer started, so we've 2 months to still enjoy it!!! happy summer

SHARM said...

This is so LOVELY and thank you so much for the pictures!!! I want to move in to this beautiful place!!!

jenniferhoiyin said...

I am in love with fall, but I feel like summer only just started!