Sunday, November 3, 2013

weekend things

oh the weekend.....gone again. and it's dark now. so. so dark. 
It always takes me a while (like 4 months) to get used to this whole Daylight Savings thing. I am a solar powered person, and like my sunshine to last well into the evening. But other than that, this weekend was overflowing with good weekendy things......all things to be thankful for.
all photos from my phone 
Friday evening I headed up the hill for a quick last minute run--up up up Charly and I went. The weather was perfect--high 50s with clear blue skies and warm fall sunshine. I sat on a rock at the top and let the sun soak into my skin until it dipped behind the mountain. I looked out over the valley that we now call home, and felt consumed with happiness. We have been in this valley for 8 months now, and they have been some of the happiest months my family has known. We have lived in Utah for 8 years, and I finally feel like we are somewhere we can call home. The mountains, the trails, the farmland, the cows(!), the friends, all of it. It fits us. Down down down through the quickly chilling air--through crunchy leaves, a cloud of my own frosty breath, and a thankful heart.
Saturday morning was a day for sleeping in, morning chores, and laughing at the chickens eat our jack-o-lanterns. Ali called in the afternoon and we loaded the kids up and headed for the snow. We hiked through the chill and fresh snow--the kids stopping along the way to eat fist fulls of the cold white powder. You know what the best smell is? Pine + snow. So good. We ended the evening with late night burgers, and I went home and made a couple of Summer's peanut butter cups......try them!
Oh--and on the way home from exploring on Saturday we found my dream house! An abandoned old farmhouse (abandoned....except for the ghosts we are SURE we saw peeking out the window at us). It had a barn to fill with animals and it was just perfect.....don't you think? I can dream, right? I always wonder about the stories these old homes carry and what made someone pack up and leave....
Sunday the snow came to US. We came out of church to big fluffy flakes falling down and hiding the mountains. We hunkered down inside with blankets and cocoa, and Sunday reading and naps while we waited for the storm to pass. I just came in from taking the chickens some scraps from dinner. I stood out in the cold--boots, hat, and giant coat and looked up at the stars. So many stars. I breathed in the frozen air as I gazed up, counting stars as I counted all I have to be thankful for.

What are YOU thankful for today?

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twinsontherun said...

That house looks like it could be amazing!
My latest thankful post was being thankful for Sundays :)

Lori Folkman said...

Love that house! If it's abandoned, you can just go ahead and move in, right? :) I love your phrase "solar powered person." Is that why we can't get you to move to the Flathead?

melissa said...

i love daylight savings week! i like my sunshine in the morning, with an early power down at night. :)

and that house: commandeer it! it's perfecto.

Unknown said...

Beautiful place! I am thankful we have some fall weather this year. Oklahoma is not really known for it and I am always glad to see it!

Unknown said...

Well, joke apart if you're really seeing ghost in your new house then you should call father and cleanse the house.

Have a great life in your new home.
Take care
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