Friday, November 1, 2013

yay for......

It's happy! 
Let the real holidays begin!
-photos of us. even when they are hurried and blurry and we are walking down the darkening street chasing our trick-or-treaters. like our costumes? we dressed up as cold clever.
Yay for:
-eating nachos at 10pm in my tiny kitchen with friends.
-no school today! we have been laaaaaazzzzzzzy and it's been great. 
-my kids have been "playing" with the chickens for the past 2 hours. easy entertainment.
-pumpkins. brussels. pomegranates. 
-sunshiny november days. our weather is beautiful and I can't wait to get out on the trail. 
-trails still dry enough to bike.
-4 weeks until Thanksgiving!! family, food, and mashed potatoes.
-my cat has caught two voles....she's a keeper.

What are you saying "yay for" today?

I always take the month of November to be thankful here on the blog....big things or little, it's always good to reflect on them all. Join me by blogging yours, sharing your thoughts in the comments, or tagging your instagram photos #novemberthanks.

Happy Weekend!

ps. have a ton of Halloween candy you plan on throwing out? Save it! We always save our for our annual gingerbread house (HERE)


Sarah Beth said...

Yay for my parents coming for a visit this weekend! Yay for them bringing my snow tires! Yay for November and the holiday season under way. And yay for getting excited for the little things.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty happy it's November, too. I love this time of year. Yay!

capturingtheride said...

So thankful for gorgeous warm sunny skies kissing my skin as we are on our way to cheer on our son at his soccer game. Love my lil fam!

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