Thursday, February 13, 2014

one by one: a little love

because sunsets on the beach are romantic. and this post is about love. 
but mostly because I just needed a pretty picture.
It's been waaaaaaaaay too long since we've had 
a One by One assignment. 

What is One by One you say? Last year I had the thought, "Can one person make a difference? Can I make a difference to somehow better the world?" It's hard for one person to act alone--but if we all work together, one by one, maybe we can make small let's try!

Go read more about it HERE, and join in!
I was so happy to see THIS little article on our local news this morning. It's about saying what's on your mind--sharing the good thoughts inside your head instead of keeping them locked away where no one will ever know.

With Valentine's Day coming up, let's take the opportunity to celebrate what the day is supposed to be about: simply, LOVE. Somehow it has become more about store aisles and aisles overflowing with pink and red needless things. Let's get back to basics. 

I'm a people watcher.
I observe and notice people around me everywhere I go.
At school. At the store. Everywhere.
I often have little thoughts come in to my head as I watch, and I very rarely share them. It's so much easier to just walk right by, than to offer a quick compliment.....but why is that? 
Why is it SO incredibly hard sometimes to reach out to a stranger, a family member, or a close friend, and brighten their day just a little bit with a simple compliment?
We never know the impact our words may have.

Five or so years ago when I first started going to yoga, my wonderful, talented, and truly beautiful yoga teacher Abbey would always tell everyone in class how beautiful and strong they were. Like, look you straight in the face, and tell you. It is so easy to brush something like that off completely, and not fully hear those words...."yeah yeah yeah..." I would think to myself. But the more I got to know Abbey, the more I knew that she meant every word she said to someone. She saw beauty and strength in everyone, and had no reason NOT to let them know--it came so easily to her.
I think at some point in life, almost every woman (especially us who have stretched and skewed our bodies for babies) have felt very uncomfortable in our own skin. I know that I went through my own time of struggle.
But you know what made me realize I was being ridiculous?
Those first few years of yoga with Abbey.
The physical activity, being inside of my own thoughts, and without a doubt--HEARING Abbey's word's over and over. It took a few years, but it all began to come together.

We really never know how our simple words can change someone.
The One by One Project // the little red house
Let's start today.....all of us. You and you and all of you--no one gets out of this one.
Have a nice thought about someone? Tell them! It will take us just a few seconds....we can all handle a few seconds.

I'd love for you to share any experiences you've had with this--maybe how kind words and compliments have touched your life.

Happy Valentines Day! 
Now go spread the love by sharing your nice thoughts with others. 
One by One we can make a difference.

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Jackie said...

I love Abbey! She is so great! We have been going to her athlete class for almost 2 years, and I always feel centered after leaving her class...and use her words throughout daily life. And I agree, compliments mean so never know how much that means to someone. Great message Sheena! :)