Thursday, July 22, 2010


(she said, in her most gluttonous sounding voice)

Oh where to start. How about with unbuttoning my pants to make room for all the wonderful things we've been eating.

So yeah, we like to eat. And when the kids were gone last week--it's basically all we did.
I'm still dreaming about it.

Here's a little peak at our menu (and please excuse the phone big camera is like our third child and gets really heavy)

Let's first go back two weeks back to when I was in Montana (too good not to share!) If you ever find yourself there, and hungry, PLEASE run to your nearest Wheat Montana. We found ourselves there twice!

what I got: a greek salad and the BEST mini loaf of bread ever
a veggie and cheese sandwich (on the best bread ever!)
price: under $10 for lunch! (kids meals come with milk:)
skip: don't skip out on anything....and pick up some flour on your way out!

Bakeries are my all time favorite places to go.
So we HAD to go to Windy Ridge Cafe (and bakery!) up in Park City!
what I had: southwest salad with grilled chicken ( I reeeaaalllly wanted to get something besides a salad here but it was like 100° and I couldn't bring myself to eat anything above room temp)
what he had: grilled chicken panini (uh, best panini ever)
price: around $25 for lunch for two
skip: I will go back here over and over again.....don't skip anything except for the grumpy waitress named Melissa.
bonus: the bakery is right across the parking lot!! It is my FAVORITE place! We have had their cakes, breads, tarts, tortes--we LOVE it! We got some coconut macaroons to go!
While you're in Park City, also be sure to swing by Yellow Snow. I know! Yellow Snow!! But super good icecream and open until Midnight!

Up next lets head up to Sugarhouse where you'll find Luganos
This kind of place is not usually our's not super fancy, but it feels fancy to us..... we prefer the more local/divey feel. But we had a gift card so why not!
What I had: they have a daily ravioli....I can't remember what exactly mine was, but it was filled with veggies and ricotta and it also had swiss on top. It was excellent!
What he had: Halibut with lobster sauce over risotto.
Price: between$20-30 for an entree.
Skip: Dessert. It looks fancy.....and that's about it.
Bonus: they have a daily bruschetta! yum!
but: again, we usually don't pay this much for dinner...if you do, GO! It will not disappoint. If we are feeling like a "fancy" dinner (once every 5 years,) THIS is our favorite

Of course we ate at our very favorite pizza place ever.
And we also had Red Mango.
Twice. (it's hot here!)

Can we talk about sushi? Sushi is new to me.
My brand new love that I cannot stop thinking about. I have attempted to love sushi over the years, with no success.
This spring we went to Happy Sumo for the first time.
My life hasn't been the same since.
Now I know that Happy Sumo is very much "Americanized" sushi, but I am in love, and you can't stop me.

What we had: Szechwan Chicken, a firecracker roll, and a sweetheart roll.
price: $10-20 entrees, $10 rolls
skip: skip the crowds and go on a Wednesday night!

Next up: Lonestar Taqueria!
Why have I never been here!! It's so so good and I LOVE the atmosphere (it's super friendly and loud so I would have no problem bringing my children next time:)
what I had: fish tacos!
what he had: a giant burrito
price: under $3 for a taco!
skip: the chips. you have to pay extra and I'm not the biggest fan of flour tortilla chips.

That's it! Are you hungry......or disgusted?
Thank you grandma and grandpa for playing with the kiddos so we could spend the week eating!
Thank you to my pants for being so forgiving.
Thank you to Robby for loving food as much as you love me.

May we grow old and round together.


Sarah M said...

ha! This post was so cute! Totally drooling, btw.
Sarah M

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love Lugano! I always end up getting their yummmy chicken.

Shannon said...

I love all the restaurant recommendations! Sounds like you guys had a fun week sans kiddos. Also, I don't think you will ever be described as round. Ever. :)

Hayley said...

jeez sheena i haven't had breakfast yet - what are you donig to me???

Anonymous said...

Everything looks soooooo good!

I love that last line. Very cute ;)

{Erica} said...

You always find super rad places to eat that also have some pretty sweet ambiance!

Great pictures. Now I just remembered I haven't eaten breakfast due to your post making me drool!

Meg said...

I'm glad that you tried out Lone Star! We used to live right next to there and we would go almost every week. It's just so good. I'll have to try out the places in Park City, those look great! Have you ever been to Bakers of Normandy by Cottonwood Mall(well, up the road)? They are amazing, great little bakery with super yummy sandwiches. You MUST go there...

Emily Voigtlander said...

Great, fun post! I love (and also strive towards) the sentiment "may we grow old and round together".

Sabrina said...

Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions. The only place I've tried is Lone Star Taqueria. LOVE THAT PLACE! We usually just go there once a year after we've played all day at Snowbird in the Summer. Need to go there more often.

Kimber said...

i absolutely LOVE how many times you guys went out to eat together that whole week! too cute and fun!

Lula. said...

I really don't even know what to say except that my taste buds are jealous. It looks like a fabulous week ALONE. And how fun that you kept it local. Such a fun post-- thanks for sharing.

Now I have to find something to eat in my Mother Hubbard kitchen to satisfy the craving for all that food!

Maria said...

Great picks! We live very close to Lugano's-love it! Lonestar is also our favorite post hiking spot. Best tacos ever! Takashi is the best sushi place in SLC but we enjoy Happy Sumo as well. Are you a member of the VIP club? If not, you better sign up! They have half off nights all the time! Really enjoyed this post! Thanks!

Becky at VintageMixer said...

Looks like we enjoy many of the same restaurants! Windy Ridge is a hidden gem in Park City...did you know they train the staff there for several of the high-end Bill White restaurants in town. That is why the food is so good but still affordable!

Also, I dream of fish tacos from Lone Star. Never disappointed there!

rungirlrun32 said...

We recently discovered our favorite sushi restaurant, The Pagoda, downtown SLC. You have to try it. I am pretty sure you'll love it too.