Monday, July 5, 2010

over the weekend....

What a weekend!

There was the farmers market.
greens as far as the eye could see.
[scary] clowns.
we met Lee who told us everything about honey.
we LOVE honey.
There were backyard picnics.
sprinkler runs.
no shoes.
laaaaaaaate nights.
and sleeping in.

and you know there was good food (more on that to come)

Why did it have to end?

more to come!


Jenny said...

You blog is so cute!

Love honey, just stocked up on some my self.

Your fire works looked they were fun! We enjoyed setting off our own with a bunch of neighbors.

Amie said...

Lovely photos - looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!

Jessica F said...

YUM! Do you eat gluten free foods btw? I wasnt sure if you were cutting out specific foods still...