Wednesday, July 28, 2010


loooong summer afternoons.
stacks of pbj's out in the grass.
sticky fingers, from popsicle juice.
making sprinkler "soup"
and mud pies.
water balloons.
warm towels.
if I squint my eyes,
and listen really closely,
It's like I never grew up.

note: if you don't see me around here every' s because I'm too busy playing outside:)


the red bungalow said...

awwww - I used to run in the sprinklers ALL the time when I was a little girl. Love the nostalgia of these photos. :)


{lizzythebotanist} said...

cute. you're the best babysitter ever, but next time i need to come join the fun. send me copies?

Marcina said...

Those pictures are so lovely!

Yay for summer! Enjoy yours with your cute little family :)

Natalie said...

Perfect! I love the sprinklers on a hot day....and a stack of PBJs! Lunch of champions!

kara lynn said...

oh i feel like a little big girl again. you write this wonderfully...

gram said... still haven't grown up, in gram's eyes!