Tuesday, August 31, 2010

mini pizzas

aka: the fastest dinner in the world

-whole wheat english muffins
-fresh mozzarella
-your favorite garden tomatoes
-olive oil

stick them under the broiler, and while they're getting nice and toasty, throw together a quick salad.

The fastest dinner ever!

and it will disappear just as quick

you are welcome.
minipizza copy

ps. I get a ton of questions asking if I am a vegetarian. nope. we just eat as many veggies in the summer as we can, when they are perfect and fresh and taste like heaven. We eat a bit less meat than normal, in order to afford the good, unmedicated stuff:)

pps. What is YOUR fastest dinner?


hannah queen | honey & jam said...

yumyumyum. i make flat bread pizzas all the time - basically this recipe, only with whole wheat flat bread instead. it's so goooood.

Teachinfourth said...

Fastest dinner? A bowl of cold cereal. Delicious and nutritious...

whitneyingram said...

Our fastest dinner is BLTs. And maybe with some baked potato wedges.

Cait said...

Fastest dinner =black bean tacos. stir-fry a can of black beans, frozen corn, can of olives, some salsa. Instant taco filling! You can throw in ground turkey/beef too.

Natalie said...

Fastest dinner = albacore tuna melts or banana pancakes.

Those look deeeee-lish. I wish my kids loves tomatoes as much as I do! I keep trying! Maybe this will turn the tide.

Bethany Sines said...

fastest dinner in my home: cereal. this is why you inspire me so, because you are creative and healthy. : )

Becky at VintageMixer said...

I love the reminder of how simple foods can be the most enjoyable meals!

Burk Family said...

Taco soup
Can or two of diced tomatoes
2 cans low-sodium beans (black/pinto/kidney are good), undrained
Can corn undrained
Small can tomato sauce
package or less of taco seasoning
Add some water and 1 lb.(ish) of browned hamb/onion
(also, a can of bean with bacon is really good in here- you can pretty much toss anything in)
sour cream
You get the picture. Awesome.

becca said...

Oh this looks amazing!
Good idea

KrisiJohnson said...

Fastest Dinner.
One frozen Broccoli and Cheese Singles.
Half a cup whole wheat pasta shells.

Half of a sweet Red Pepper.

Toast with Nutella!