Monday, August 30, 2010

the first day.

he did it.
I did it. (that was the amazing part)

Although he is so very tiny, I cannot believe how big he is.
Big enough to decide just exactly what he wanted for breakfast (waffles with bananas)
Big enough to choose his own first-day-of-school-outfit (although it did take him some time to choose between the shirt that actually said "Star Wars", or Darth Vader....oh the choices todays five-year-olds-face)
Big enough that he was (literally, as you can see from the photos) bursting with excitement and not a hint of doubt.

I wish I could be so big.
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Luckily, this morning it started to rain.
Poooooooooouuuring rain.
It was a nice distraction.
We waited in the car,
and then made a mad dash to the door.
Laughing so hard, and soaking wet.

The kids were handed a muffin and juice, the moms a package of tissues.
I swore I wouldn't need them (I have had enough "practice" cries over the past few weeks....I thought it was out of my system)
But as I was squeezed and kissed for "one more time",
and sent him off to line up,
the ugly face came.

You know the one.
The one where you try so hard not to let the tears out,
so your face stretches and strains,
and fights not to produce tears.
I kept my gaze low, as to avoid the other moms,
wearing their ugly faces as well.

I was so thankful for my phone, that caught that last photo of him happily waving goodbye proving he's not TOO big to still openly love his mama.

I waved back and wore my ugly face out in to the rain, where I welcomed it to mix with my tears as I took my time back to the car.


The rain began to let up, as did my tears. And wouldn't you know....the sun is out now! The boy is home, and we have (excitedly) gone over every minute of his morning away.
And it really didn't seem too bad:)

Tomorrow should be better...there looks to be no rain in sight.



Kimberly June said...

Wearing my ugly face as I read this. My boy will be there in 2 years and if the past 3 are any indication it will be here tomorrow. Wonderful post and pictures.

melissa said...

how exciting. good verbal documentation and WOW holy moly these are no ordinary first-day-of-school-photos. wow, i say.

Mandy said...

This almost made me cry Sheena. And also made me want to get better at photog so I can take pictures of my kids going to school someday. Loved this.

Unknown said...

That 35 looks so sick. Amazing shots.

sarah nicole said...

Oh my goodness, this totally made me cry! I teach 7th grade and we still get crying moms every once in awhile. So sweet.

Polina said...

A very touching story and wonderful photos!
Good luck to you!

banananutmeg said...

When the next two (you know, the younger one's that will be "the baby" until they are 45...even when there is another actual, REAL baby in the house) go to school, we will meet up somewhere in the middle (Denver?) and cry over cupcakes.
with ganache.

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

so glad to hear that the day went well for you both! our first day was thankfully sunny so i could hide my ugly face under my giant sunglasses.

Tara said...

I could not believe how nasty the weather was this morning! Didn't faze him, I'm sure. I'm glad it went well... for everyone. :)

Kiera said...

I am crying with you right now. For real.. that post just made me cry. My Sophie is starting on Wednesday. She is my least for the next 3 months...and I don't want to wave goodbye to her as she proudly walks into her kindergarten class wearing a huge proud smile. I know all about the ugly face. But really, THAT IS THE FACE OF TRUE BEAUTY!!!

Good job Sheena!! You are such a big girl! You managed. Now wish me luck. :)

The photos of the day are WONDERFUL!! I'm inspired!

Shannon said...

Such a great first day of school post! You captured it all. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, or maybe I'm just scared for when my turn comes, but this post made me tear up for sure. Weston will go to preschool 4 days a week this year, but it still doesn't seem like "real" school. Sigh. Kindergarten will be here before I know it. I'm so glad he had a great day. I'm sure it will get easier for you too!

Ta said...

Congratulations! One of my coworkers just went through the same thing. You all just have to remember that you are great moms! Great enough to raise your kids to be equipped for school and great enough to let them go. :-)

the crew said...

tough stuff! I sent my own boy off last week... I almost made it, but teared up at the end. It's been so great though hearing all about his day over lunch- he doesn't even get tired of my never ending questions. It makes me so thrilled to know that he still wants me to be so much a part of his day- even these hard steps are rewarding!

Teachinfourth said...

Can I just tell you that your photos are amazing? You have told quite the story with these!

BTW, I came here via Jenny's blog...

Teachinfourth said...

Sorry, Lydia's blog…I got my tea leaves crossed there for a minute.

Semidipapavero said...

How I love these pictures that convey the atmosphere of the first day of school. wonderful the last one of the greeting

Clandestine Road said...

What incredible pictures and what love.

My name is Frances said...

Just blog surfing and happened to find yours a month ago. Very cute stuff, and this one in particular! my son is four, but we home school and I just can't imagine the sadness you felt, but you did well and he looks like he was ready to take charge. Love the pics too, you captured those precious moments :)

Hope all is well,

Amanda said...

I love this post. You write so magically about this experience that affects so many mothers. Wonderful pictures--hope the little man is enjoying his first couple of days!

tanalicious said...

i'll have my ugly face next year. and i'm so glad you shared. i love your posts. your writing is so awesome.

Natalie said...

What an adorable post! I love all the preparation photos...

I knew you could do it!

From Me To You said...

This might be my favorite portrait of a child's day I've ever seen. It brings back memories of when I was little and makes me look forward to the future when I have a family. Awesome, you are incredible!!

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