Monday, August 9, 2010


how sweet are they?
asleep copy

we played hard this weekend.
and then crashed even harder.
but isn't that what summer is for?
time seems to be speeding up these days.....I feel like we are living our life in fast forward!
I'm doing my best to slow things down, appreciate the long summer days before they fade into fall.

I'm loving the idea of Susannah Conway's August Break.

Just a photo-a-day throughout the month for those days I am too busy playing for a formal post (because my posts are so formal, you know?)

Sometimes I miss my old daily blog--I love looking back at how I saw things, one photo at a time.

So here's my chance to do it again.....although I'm sure I'll still be posting recipes here and there....I can only go so long without talking about food!

can't wait!


Hannah said...

I love that idea too! I have too many posts planned for August, but I may just do something like that in September!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

i may be right here with you...i have so much to blog about, but i'm so busy/tired with moving/life that i can't find the time to do it. maybe if i can manage to post a pic a day i'll feel like i'm not giving up? care if i copy?

sheena said...

do it.

Anonymous said...

I love sleepy pics - so sweet:)

I've been doing the August Break and enjoying it so so so much!

Tara said...

I love that picture! Your kids have so many priceless pictures together, how lucky are they! And thanks for the phone call today, you are a great friend!

banananutmeg said...

I miss your old blogs, too!

Lillie said...


So I've been dying to try out the video feature on my 5d for a while and seeing your camping video was that last bit of inspiration I needed. Just thought I'd confess that I did a little "beach trip" video with yours in mind...

I hope you still find imitation flattering. I'm sure you get more than you'd like because of your blog. :)

Marcina said...

I love all of your blogs!! I miss reading your other blogs too:)

That's such a sweet picture!

gram said...

.. sweet baby 'greats'!

Anonymous said...

This photo makes me so nostalgic for the childhood years. A lovely photo and a lovely blog!

summer said...

1. photo-a-day sounds lovely.
2. but i'm really glad that food talks will be come later.
3. you totally inspired me to buy those sunglasses at target. i love them! thanks for making me be brave with color.

hopelessly devoted to your blog,

lorelie said...

peace in a picture...
I can hear their soft breathing. Is there anything better?