Friday, October 15, 2010

friday love

Hello Friday!! 
The countdown begins for the big race next week!
(ps anyone know of any must-eat places in Vegas?)
I love that there was no school yesterday or has been one big party weekend for me and my two!
I love that because it's Friday, as soon as I hit publish on this I am going to take a nap and when I wake, we'll make cookies!
I love Modern Family....don't you?? I look forward to it so much every week.....because what the what is going on with Glee?? It is so annoying to me right now.
I love the 70° weather that we've been enjoying every single's perfect!

I love that Columbus discovered our great country so we can enjoy a Monday holiday and go to lunch!
If you know me you know I love my Red Iguana. 
We decided it was time we tried Red Iguana 2 (the exact same menu, just an extra building because Red Iguana is always sooooooooo packed!)
It was AWESOME. Seriously, exactly the same food, no line.
866 W. South Temple SLC or the original location at 736 West North Temple
oh--and I am also always in love with my phone that can capture every little detail of an afternoon out!
thanks phone.
rediguanaphone copy

We love the carousel!

I have a love/hate relationship with my kitchen. I spend most of my time in the kitchen, but it is like a kitchen for tiny people or something. It is SO small. Not enough space. Not enough storage. It's suffocating me.....but I just signed up for The Kitchen Cure, and they send me assignments for the next 4 weeks so I can get it organized and cleaned, just in time for the holidays!
I love when people tell me what to do!
Check it out here
I can't wait to see how I can improve my teeny tiny space!
Picture 3

I just discovered Giovanni products (because they are on sale THIS WEEK! at Target), and I LOVE the Tea Tree Triple Threat shampoo, it is so minty and yummy and paired with their extra moisturizing conditioner....I just love it!
Picture 4

I need to go to Sweden!! 
Look at these little huts!!!

LOVE Ingrid Michaelson (have you been to her little blog....she's funny)
She's coming to Salt Lake in like two weeks....who's going??
No really? Who wants to go?

Happy Weekend!!!

What did you love about this week?


banananutmeg said...

no, really....what HAPPENED to GLEE? I feel like I'm watching a Human Rights Campain prop ad.

Unknown said...

ah, unfortunatly i have to agree with your opinion about glee. i wish we were talking about how wonderful it has been, but no.

and i wish modern family was an hour long. i love that my husband will sit down and love both those shows with me.

best thing about my week is packing up boxes and getting ready to head back to az!
good luck on the run, I would love to run one of those! do you have any suggestions on training? I have only trained for a half marathon. have a good weekend :)

kara lynn said...

okay. i love modern family and wish i was longer too. thanks to that i can get my tv fix without glee. seriously? and did you see the previews for the next episode?

i'm for sure going to ingrid in a few weeks. should probably buy tickets but i'm so there!

and aah those huts are amazing. perfect for a little winter rendezvous!

Shannon said...

Oh Modern Family, how I love thee. I can always count on you to make me laugh out loud without fail every week. My parents won't watch it because of the gay family, but they are definitely missing out. "Good cop, Mom." Cracked me up this week.

Anyway, I had kind of a rough week, but I did love taking my kids to see the witches at Gardner Village.

I am also loving this perfect Fall weather.

I LOVE being able to bake again. I made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and they were fabulous.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE Modern Family! And I also love Ingrid Michaelson!

Britums said...

Nora's is the best place in Vegas. It's where we all us locals go, amazing food and totally reasonable prices, promise you won't be disappointed! Good luck with your race.

whitneyingram said...

For an awesome buffet, the Bellagio is great. It doesn't feel like a buffet when you are eating creme brulee and buffalo steaks.

I loved this week:
1. Fall break and waking up late.
2. Warm weather.
3. Going to the temple with Ethan.
4. Eating scones and chili at my mom's house tonight.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

love modern family, but i've been over glee since half-way through season one. i want to throw up when they try to shove their moral and political agendas down my throat. i'll just take the soundtrack, please.

good thing you are tiny (because you have a tiny kitchen).

and....drumroll...sign me up for ingrid!!!! GNO? i'm coming!!!

Tara said...

I'm totally checking out that kitchen cure! I have three drawers. THREE. I need help. And after last week I just decided not to watch Glee anymore. It's so gross. We all need to write Fox and tell them how we feel. And as much as I love those Dunphy's, I'm getting sick of the push to make Mitch & Cam more stereotypically gay. Err, it was much better last season when they weren't trying so hard. But overall it still may be my favorite show ever. Oh & since this is super long.. I made your good cookies! We love them. I did add 1/4 cup brown sugar, but still.. they're pretty dang healthy & good!!

kassidi bridge said...

we've totally been talking about moving to norway after grad. school for a couple of years. how amazing is that little hut?! i've gotta send that picture to brandon, he'd love it. can you imagine the amazing furniture you could find in sweden and norway at second hand stores?! i dream about this daily. no lie.

e said...

I'm a new reader to your blog, but have to shout this out...

bouchon bistro!

love it love it love it. not super cheap, but excellent food! it's in the venetian. happy eating!

Aly said...

Ingrid Michaelson has such an awesome personality! I follow her on twitter, and she's always got something interesting going on.
Happy weekend!

Bri {collected} said...

Boo to Glee, yay to Modern Family and YES to Ingrid. Seriously, I want to go!

Heather said...

Red Iguana is our favorite! We've been going there for years, and since they've opened up #2 we just go there because it's crazy town at the other one. I would go to Ingrid Michaelson with you! Love her.

Ashley Thalman said...

Bah! I went to Red Iguana last night for the first time in my life! It was amazing. I told Cade today, "Um, I want to eat there everydamned day." Truth, its the truth!

And your right, those table cloths are AMAZING! ( I know, you didn't say anything about it but from one photog to another, I know you think they are amazing:)

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