Thursday, November 18, 2010

day eighteen

I am thankful, SO THANKFUL, that I get to be home with my kids all day.
I love it. 
I love watching every little bit of their day (the good and the bad:)
I am so thankful for the fun we have playing, cooking, and creating together. 

I love how the sun comes through the window at the end of the day, and turns the insides of our old house pink and gold. 
The kids fight over who gets to sit in the chair and "just be in the sun!"
So the boy insisted their new artwork go "right. HERE."

What are YOU thankful for today?


Shannon said...

I love the sponge painting trees! Such a cute, easy idea with kids. You are such a good mommy to do all those fun things at home with your kiddos. I feel like I slack in that way sometimes. I'll just have to steal more of your ideas. :)

Bekah: said...

I am so so so thankful for this too!!!!

Bianca said...

That spot does look "just right". Love your stacked pumpkins, too!

Annie, The Friendly Fox said...

I love this post!
I am thankful for my little one that will be here in just 2 months! And thankful that I will also get to stay home with him and cuddle and watch him grow!

gram said...

.... thankful for our semi-sunny 23* day with no wind! and being able to see some beautiful original artwork!

Bridget said...

love this.