Sunday, November 21, 2010

days twenty and twenty one, and some little letters from over the weekend

I am thankful for Saturdays.
I am thankful for Sundays.
kidsheads copy

Dear Weekend,
     I love you.

Dear Sleeping In,
     I have missed you so much. I'm glad we could reunite....if only for a moment.

Dear Robby and Children,
     I love when none of you have school!! I love eating dinner together, and watching movies snuggled on the couch. Who needs should just stay home with me.

Dear Wind,
     I don't love you at all, but you did make cleaning up one million leaves in the yard very entertaining.

Dear Leaves That Blew Away,
     You are awesome! Your exit was so grand, the way you swirled round and round, up in the air--and then were gone just like that! And then we didn't have to clean you up--brilliant!

Dear People's Yards That Our Leaves Blew Into,

Dear Cafe Rio,
     As always, you were a pleasure to have.

Dear Brownies,
    There weren't enough of you. Bring more friends next time.

Dear Fire,
     You are the best. I love falling asleep right next to you. I love how you smell. Please stick around all winter.

Dear First Snow,
     Ok. You're ok. I always like you the first few times around. Especially because you were so pretty, and lit up Saturday's sky almost as bright as day. Hang around until Christmas, and then please see yourself to the door.

Dear Sunday Nap That Lasted Until 6:00,

Dear Monday.
     Oye. I'm not ready yet.

                                Sincerely Yours/All my love, 



Amanda said...

SUCH a great photo, Sheena.
I LOVE my fire as well. It makes winter bearable.

Bianca said...

Seriously - waking up early for school is for the birds!! But those photos of your kids....priceless!

summer said...

amen to everything! insert grant's name instead of robby and children. (those cuties.)

ps. i am jealous of your great fence.
pps. do you have any recent pictures of charly? weird question, i'm sure. i am missing my crazy yellow dog these days...

Sabrina said...

Did you watch the Prince Charles/Harmony show on Friday night? Usually I hate him but that program made me like him. It reminded me a lot of your eating things in season. The wind was definetly crazy over the weekend in Utah, I'm now hoping to do some skiing over the break.

summer said...

okay my comment from before sounds really strange. the pps part, i mean. what i MEANT to say was..

i always like seeing pictures of YOUR dog, because they remind me so much of MY old dog.

is that less freaky?:)

A Beautiful Life said...

all i heard was cafe rio and brownies..ummmmmmm