Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day three

day three

I find little messes like this two or three times a day. 
at least. 
On the table. 
On the floor. 
On the boy's desk. 
On the coffee table.
bits of paper (the teeniest of tiny  bits)
glitter. cursed glitter.
tape (to tape their creations to the wall of course) 

I am thankful my kids are creative.
Their little minds never stop dreaming up new projects, stories, and creations.
I hope to someday be just like them. 

What are you thankful for today?


gram said...

.. thinking of the little girl when she was crafting at her gramma's house.... made a beautiful 'person' pic, complete with a yellow feather... when asked who it was, she smiled and said 'GG'!.. it's hanging on GG's fridge... 'smile'..

Hayley said...

yes. one of my favorite scenes.

Unknown said...

i love that. kids are seriously creative beyond any boundries. today i am thankful for my eyesight. I get to see my beautiful daughter play and laugh every day. makes my day for sure. and my handsome husband, hes not bad on the eyese :)

kelly said...

I'm thankful my kids play instruments and that I can listen to them practice... No matter how squeaky or imperfect. It's lovely.

Katie said...

i'm thankful that my hubby is coming home from his dental school interview today!! pick him up from the airport in 1hr and 40 min. aaahhhhhh!

Cherish Stockdale said...

oh yes I can relate to the "creative mess" I love it too...not the mess but def the creative part! :)

AllAmericanGrl said...

i am thankful that I am not the only mom that has to clean up little tiny pieces of paper from all over the house! As well as observe some of it taped on the wall ;) haha!