Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Advent Calender for the Procrastinator.

I procrastinate everything, which is why we are starting our countdown to Christmas at 20 days rather than the classic 25.

But really, who says it has to be 25? I say even a 5 day countdown is better than no countdown at all....right?? So if you still haven't got around to finding or making an advent calendar this year......fear not!
 This one took me less than an hour (and I watched tv while doing it--bonus points for multitasking), and it cost dolalrs--dollars!

What you'll need: 

-Cardstock/Paper to make tiny envelopes.
-Tiny clothespins (I got a pack of 30 at Hobby Lobby for $2something.)
-A wall
-Your wildest imagination to come up with activities to fill the envelopes

To make envelopes:
Cut paper into various sizes of squares.

Fold opposite corners in so they touch.

Fold up the bottom, and glue it to the sides you folded in (keep the glue on the edges as not to glue the envelope shut)

Fold the point under, fold the top down.

Tiny envelopes!! 
Number your clothespins, and attach them to the string, counting downward.
For some of my paper, I googled vintage Christmas wrap, and just printed out a few sheets so I had a variety of envelope designs.

Done! Easy! 
Some ideas for inside each envelope (which I fill right before the kids open it, so I can make sure I'm prepared:)
-watch a Christmas movie together
-read a scripture about the birth of our Savior
-read a Christmas book
-go look at Christmas lights
-decorate cookies
-sing a Christmas song
-make a gingerbread house

.....all things we were planning on doing anyway....this just makes it a fun surprise for the kids! 
This calendar only counts down to two days left, and on the final day I have a large envelope, with an extra large clothespin, and they'll get they're Christmas Eve jammies.

have fun!


Kelly said...

In my next life I am coming back as your daughter. What a fun mom you are!

Mandy said...

i love this idea!!!! i am so going to make this next year. i have started my advent calendar for this year i just haven't finished it yet. ha!

Kari said...

Such a great idea....and inexpensive too. Love it!

Lindsey Jaye Parry said...

The fact that my advent took over ten hours of slave labor to a sewing machine makes me hate the fact yours turned out cuter than mine. Though I appreciate the idea to put the numbers right on the pins! Your a genius

Tara said...

oh my word Sheena you are a fountain of ideas. I was trying to come up with something (cheap) to make an advent calendar with for the kids but when I couldn't think of anything cool, I just gave up. Hello cute little envelopes made of scrapbooking paper! Genius! It is soo soo cute! Nice job!

gram said...

... can't wait to see my two little 'greats' in their new Christmas jammies! hugs!!!

Unknown said...

so first of all i love your polish, very festive! also this is the cutest idea ever-i just might steal it :)

Anonymous said...

So adorable!

Marilisa said...

What a brilliant and beautiful idea! I can't wait to have kids to make things like this for. For now, I'm inspired to make a countdown to my wedding day and maybe fill the envelopes with little marriage tips :)

Kiera said...

So cute Sheena. I like this a lot.

Li + Belle said...

your idea is wonderful and we love it. in this year it's too late for us to make a calendar, (we have already two calendars - one with chocolate and one with little pictures:))but next year we want to tinker a calendar like this.

Carin Davis said...


kristyna said...

Sheena, I don't know how I found your site, but for nearly a year I have saved visits to this site as little rewards on rainy days, after writing grad school papers, after long runs.... Thank you for being so fresh and wonderful and fun. Perhaps I should have said this during your month of thanks:)

Brinn said...

I love the simplicity.
I love the idea of doing an activity together,
rather than getting a treat.
brilliant you are.
Love it!

summer said...

i cannot wait to have kids! (this is what i am thinking every time i come over to your blog.)

ps. googling the vintage christmas wrap = genius.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

funny, i just made our advent last week and did almost the same thing! i found some really awesome vintage-style tinsel at tjmaxx and used that to string the envelopes + painted my clothespins gold.

i take it your getting some good use out of that new printer? i just ran out of ink...that's the worst part about having a printer.

Sandy a la Mode said...

this is sooo cute, i love it! i am new to your blog and must say, i am a new follower!! happy monday!!

Ang said...

brilliant - that envelope making tip is going to come in handy time & time again, I'm sure! :D

marta said...

i adore this advent. such a charming view of your home.

soisses-dasleben said...


Lula. said...

You are so creative! Love it. said...

LOVE this! Love love love. The colors/patterns really make it. Nice work...This procrastinator never even got around to stringing up the advent magic. (Sigh.) Next year.

Schmolzanderson said...

I am so excited about this idea!! I am looking for crafty gifts for people and our family. Thank you for sharing. I'm working on it right now!

Anonymous said...

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