Monday, December 20, 2010

jingle jangle

spritz copychristmas copydough copy

I am so happy!! 

The magic has started early this year....these days are just feeling so special--it's only Monday and this week has been perfect. There is so much fun to be had
(alot of which involves butter)

Everyone is home from school. 
bonus. bonus. bonus.

We had a family date night at Settebello over the weekend, and filled ourselves with amazing pizza and gelato. 
We looked crazy Christmas houses with crazy Christmas lights.

Today we decorated cookies.
Spreading sugar on sugar. 
My kids are WIRED.

Our DVR is hard at work recording all our Christmas favorites--It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and The Family Stone (that movie ruins me but I still love it). What are you favs?

I'm still trying to figure out the menu for Friday night....I think I have it about ready, but I'm still stuck on dessert--probably because I want to make 100 different things, but the four of us can only eat so know? What are you having?

Last week Whole Foods had Satsumas (mandarins) for 69¢ a pound. I almost cried I was so excited!! We get them fresh off the trees when we are down at Robby's parents, but oranges are wimps and can't survive our winters here! The store-bought mandarins just do not compare.....but these came pretty close. I'm headed up tomorrow to see it they still have them so I can gorge myself in sticky-orange-easy-to-peel, love.

have you seen this picture? It was taken after the Provo Tabernacle Fire, and it is amazing. You must see it.

Christmas is almost here!!! I really can't wait! Some days I want to give my kids their gifts right now because I AM SO EXCITED!
note: I am also wired.

just a few more days....yay! 

oh ps. I can't stop listening to this song. really listen to it, you'll like it.

Relient K - I Celebrate The Day
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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the picture from the Provo Tabernacle... it is truly amazing. I was so sad that it burned.. I went to BYU and my graduation ceremony was held there (for the College of Humanities). Also, I really enjoy your blog... just recently discovered.

Tara said...

Wow, that picture! That's amazing. And a couple of weeks ago I got those Lil Cuties in the box from Target and they were disgusting. The whole box. Not one good one. First time that has ever happened, we had to throw them out. Should've gone to Whole Foods. :(

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

you should make
steamed carrot pudding
from the lion house cook book
d i v i n e.

love your pics, as always.

happy happy christmas!

banananutmeg said...

I'm so excited for Christmas this year! I'm going to get my pumpkin bread ON tomorrow. Falalalalaaaalalalala.
My kids drove eachother CRAZY today. They were all up in eachother's space, whining, fighting, etc...and every now and then, one of them would threaten the other with a, "You better not! Santa's watching..."
Which tells me I am doing something right.

Unknown said...

I saw you at Settebello with your darling family! I was with a date and when I saw your family walk in and sit down at a table not far from ours, I basically gasped to my date, "I know that lady!" I then rather sheepishly explained to him that I didn't really... know you. I just read your blog. A blog called The Little Red House. After giving me a somewhat confused-and-skeptical look, I was too embarrassed to walk over and actually say hello.

Thus ends my rather pathetic story. Perhaps one day I'll see you (and actually introduce myself) at our mutually-adored Italian pizzeria. By the way, the Bianca is. the. best.

Li + Belle said...

every year we watch the christmas movie "Love Actually" on DVD. we love the movie.

A Beautiful Life said...

i'm actually going to make your peppermint chocolate pudding on Christmas Eve, i thought that sounded like the PERFECT dessert for the night before Christmas!
Cookies and caramels is what we've been making here. :)

Teachinfourth said...

The song is wonderful. I love Reliant K.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

sounds like you are WIRED, too! i love satsumas (and the body shop scent is my favorite scent in the world). i'm going to have to head over to whole foods today.

we're doing our christmas eve tonight with my little family before we head up north. i've got my work cut out so i better go!

maybe we'll see you...?

ashley sullivan said...

oh sheena, i love this post. how perfectly it captures the excitement and homey goings-on that always take place during the week leading up to christmas. i hope you enjoy all the baking, wrapping, movie-watching and general glee... and of course, time with those kiddos! xo

Ang said...

"oranges are wimps" - haha, love it!

and by the sounds of the other comments on this post, you better get running if you don't wan't whole foods to run out (now that you've advertised the great price on the yummy lil guys! ;) )

oh and of course: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

gram said...

I actually can visualize my 2 little greats bouncing off the walls ... along with their mama! ..big hug from GG..

Rachael said...

I wish I were making cookies!! You're making me hungry!
Nice Christmas movie choices by the way. Curious to know why 'The Family Stone' ruins you. I am, right now, watching that exact movie on TV. Just like I did last night. My favorite Christmas movies are 'It's a Wonderful Life', 'Christmas in Connecticut'(with Barbara Stanwyck), 'Elf', 'A Christmas Story', and...that's pretty much the ones I always have to watch if they're on.
Glad you're getting excited for Christmas!

summer said...

ahh!! sheena i love this! your kitchen is where i want to be right now, obviously. my childhood is wrapped up in that star-shaped cookie cutter. it's the very one my mom uses. and those cute santa trays are making me jealous. and the spritz cookies... ohhhh.

i have been saving it's a wonderful life and a christmas story for this week, too! now where did you find the family stone on tv?! (that movie does the same thing to me.)

ps. on friday night we are making tacos, guac, and pretty plates of fruit.. it's a harms tradition. oh, and i'm bringing hot artichoke dip. not sure that goes with the mexican theme, but you can eat it with tortilla chips so.. yeah. it works:)

Kandice said...

Oh I love The Family Stone. Christmas Vacation, Elf, A Christmas Story, Planes Trains and Automobiles (it's more Thanksgiving but still), all 3 The Santa Clauses and Scrooged are also some of my fav Christmas movies.
The Provo Tabernacle burning is sad but that picture gives me chills...amazing!
Merry Christmas to your cute family!!

Leah said...

We love one called 'The First Noel' and Home Alone. I love reading your fun blog - I haven't commented before but have to say - you sound like a home schooler in hiding :)

marta said...

ooh sheena, all of this christmas magic and deliciousness wrapped up in this post. thank you. xo.

p.s. merry merry christmas to you!

Ankita Tiwari said...
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