Monday, December 6, 2010

o christmas tree....

The Christmas Tree Hunt.

As kids, it was the biggest adventure of the year. 
Both Robby and I grew up bundling up and heading off to high on a mountain top to find the perfect tree, cut it down, and bring it home. 
There was sledding, and cocoa, and powdered donuts.

Well. Not really the case living in the city. A city that sits in a dessert. 

Yes there are tree lots, with their jingle and jangle and Santa and such.....but you also pay waaaaay to much for a little tree. 

So we make our own adventure. 


Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a little family in their little red house. 
The day had come for the annual Christmas tree hunt, so they bundled up, hopped in the car, and headed to the magical forrest of.......

Garden Center.

The forrest was huge! Acres of trees, as far as the eye could see!
All perfect, and how strange.....lined up by size.

The family hunted and hunted for THE perfect tree. 
However would they find it in such a large forrest?

Finally! The One was found. The perfect tree they would take home and adorn with holly and jolly and tinsel galore.

A nice forrest gnome appeared, to help package the tree before it left on it's long journey home, atop the family car.

The Tree had found it's home, and made merry and bright. 

and they all lived happily ever after.
the end.

Holiday by Vampire Weekend

can you spot:
-the boy licking the sap off his fingers (yep)
-robby continually moving the girl's ornaments (that all cluster in the exact same spot)
-a polaroid
-everyone staring at the movie that was playing
-a family of four in their jammies on the internet....whoops.


abi porter said...

love it! and perfect song too :)

Din said...

the video..WOW. Im blown away by your creativity! Such an artistic way of capturing a special moment :)

Bethany said...

ADORABLE! Your kiddos will treasure that video forever. Hey, we totally got our tree at the same magical forest! That place is a gem.

rachel june* said...

very cool! inspired by your videos!

Shannon said...

Ahh yes, the forest of Garden Center. Love it! The video is great too. My favorite is Robby moving the candy canes that Sue put right next to each other. Gotta love how 3 year olds decorate a Christmas tree. :) It turned out beautiful. Yay for Christmas!

ashley sullivan said...

love it! that video is completely precious.

rosie said...

haha! this is perfect! LOVE the video :)

Tara said...

So Jarom keeps saying, "can WE do that?" We got our tree right before the gym last night and decorated it when we got home. I told him, "we just did last night!" and he said, "but we didn't do it FAST! Now they both want me to make them "fast" on the computer. haha
And every year I check to see if there is a Christmas tree farm somewhere just on the off chance there really is one out there I just still haven't found. Nope. Well, there are, but I'm not driving that far. Oh well.

emily said...

LOVE the video! Wouldn't it be fun to have a collection of these over a few years? Love this idea!

Nicole said...

sooo super adorable!!! love it :)

summer said...

and i want your jammies.

Unknown said...

i love this blog! i don't know if i've commented before but you are a new google reader staple. i love your attitude about being a mom -- you bring so much fun and creativity to it. so gorgeous and artsy! xoxo

Mandy said...

I love your cute little family.

Stephanie said...

This is so sweet. I love.

Harris Family said...

so cute and fun- We are behind the times- I just bought my first firewire!! You are a great photographer and videographer!! talent!! Hope you have a good christmas!!

Rachael said...

Love your video! Your tree looks great too! Love how you had your kids help! And in their cute little jammies too!

Hannah said...

Sheena- i always love your videos. This one is amazing. Love your tree!!

AllAmericanGrl said...

love your video! :) what a cute family you have ... jammies n all!

Lula. said...

Love the video! You guys need to come with us next year to cut down a tree.

melissa said...

i really like how you close up on the families are forever sign at the end of the video there. cuz that's the point of all this festivity, right!

also i love the gratuitous decorations on your tree. we go for the sparse look (on a sparser tree), but i'm really digging the two strands of lights, tinsel, etc. it's very merry.

Li + Belle said...

this is a funny video, sheena. Lovely. A cute idea of a family chronicle.
Do you decorate the christmas tree before christmas in america started?

Your a nice day!

teamBoo said...

i looooooove this!! what did you use to film? I can't ever get my things to focus in and out, but I guess i should get something other than my iphone to capture ;)

Heidi said...

That video of putting up your tree is JUST AWESOME!!!! Would you mind sharing how you did that (if you posted in your blog somewhere I clearly missed it!) By the way ... Vampire Weekend ... so awesome! I have twin 2 year olds (later this month) and they love their music!!