Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On a cold November afternoon of last year, 
I sat down in my (once upon a time) garden. 
I felt tears in my eyes.
It was gone. 
Our lush, green, personal jungle that we had worked so hard on, and spent so much time in....
Wilted and frosted to the ground, limp and lifeless. 
No vegetables to offer.
No bees. 
No green.
Winter had been trying to take over for weeks,
and it had finally succeeded.

I hadn't been back there since. 
Until today. 
We have spent the last few afternoons warming our winter skin in the yard. 
Playing in the grass until the sun sinks lower into the sky (much later now!)
We decided to go back and take a peek. 
It's coming to life.
Slowly making their return.
A few tufts of grass. 
Some tiny baby weeds.

We ripped up the ground cover. 
Pulled out the withered plants. 
The kids dug and dug and dug, oohing and aaaahhhing a worms. 
Dirt smudged faces, muddy fingers and toes.
We filled pots with warm, spring earth, 
and planted teeny tiny seeds, with wishes they would grow. 
Just a few simple herbs. 
To set in our window. 
And let winter know...
....we survived.
pots5 copypots4 copypotspots1 copy

the end.


Blanca said...
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Blanca said...

You and your blog make me smile. A lot. I love your simple, yummy recipies and your winter-survival posts are just lovely. But this one... You really got me at this one. The best.

Anonymous said...

This is so poetic! And your little herb labels are lovely. Spring is coming!

Sabrina said...

I did the same thing after work last night. I actually planted some lettuce seeds. The nursery said it should be fine in Utah as long as I cover with newspaper if temperatures drop. I can't wait to really get out and work in the garden.

kassidi bridge said...


Heather said...

I can't wait to start our garden this year. I'm literally so excited!

Kelly said...

I "ditto" what bg said, "you and your blog make me smile"

melissa said...

i'm nervous that my (first) garden (ever) will refuse to grow. especially given my history with plants.