Monday, May 9, 2011


my littles, ventura, summer 2010
We have had a weird week, which is really the only way to say it.
My thoughts coming in are getting tangled with those going out,
and time seems to crawl and then speed up without any advance notice.
My emotions have been hilariously roller coaster-ish,
 and I've eaten some reeeealllllly weird things, 
mostly schmeared, sprinkled, or frosted with some kind of chocolate. 

I was greeted this morning with little notes and scribbles placed on my pillow, and four wide eyes and matching grins IN-MY-FACE, anxiously awaiting my slow departure from dreamland. 

Hand drawn MEs (with giant yellow hair), and little "I love you mommy"s carefully written out in their favorite colors. 

Instantly, I was feeling better. 

With just a little reminder--so simple and drawn in crayon--
I am a mother
Better yet, I am THEIR mother. 
What did I do to deserve them? 
Given these two little balls of clay to shape and mold and help them learn and grow. 
(but thank goodness I am better at baby-growing than I am at sculpting!) 

 A perfect reminder to me, that all that matters is everything that I have--
my little stick figure family. 
My littles that see me so simply with yellow curls and large moles. 
A husband that knows exactly how to make me laugh (and can also draw a pretty mean stick figure)

So we have slowed down a bit. 
A few more games and extra snuggling at bedtime.
More I love yous--to family! friends! strangers!
 And most likely a future phone bill with 
waaaaaaay too many texts.
I feel so hip.

Sometimes I laugh and get so embarrassed that YOU come spend time HERE to read all my silly thoughts. 
I am really a big dork, I assure you. 

But as long as I have you here--I hope that today you will really listen. 
It's a brand new week--and I know you are busy with your lists and schedules and scheduled lists. 
But if you could just do me a tiny favor..... and slow down just a bit--just a teeny little bit.
Tell someone you love them.
Take time to really notice what is around you and what matters most. 

It feels really good, I promise.


Unknown said...

a happy mothers day to you. what a blessing it is to be a mother to wonderful children. and if your a dork then we just love that you are that much more human :)

emily o. said...

happy mother's day to you! your blog makes me so happy and encourages me just about every day. thanks for taking the time to write and take photos for all of us out here. you're a blessing.

banananutmeg said...

I felt pretty lovey this weekend as well. happy Mother's Day!

Brittany said...

loved reading this! i already am baby-hungry and reading this makes me want to have kids even more!

Lula. said...

That was so beautiful.. sounds like a wonderful day.

I hope you have a better week, at least more stable and less roller-coasterish (I hate those).

Rachael said...

A great thing to read today!

Moments and Impressions said...

Thanks Sheena - I needed a reminder today. I was rushing around trying to get back on track since the weekend got thinks all messy. Happy Monday to you.

Carol said...

Today I have had some thoughts going through my head as well and some questions that needed answering about my thoughts. As I felt a little prompting to come to your blog I found the answers to my lifes struggles in your little post here. Thanks for helping me clear my mind and reminding me what is important. You are a gem Sheena. I enjoy how much you enjoy being a mom. You are doing such a great job at molding those "littles." Have a great week!!

Heather said...

I love it! Thanks for this. :)

melissa said...


summer said...

watching you be their mother has made me suuuper excited to have my own "little" :) thanks for every happy post about mothering/babies growing up/stick figures/playing/etc. you are an amazing mom, sheena!

Anonymous said...

thx for sharing your "silly" thoughts sheena.. I found them really inspiring. I do believe that to see and understand simple things around us is quite difficult, but when we do that, most of the time I myself got really surprised that it was always there, what I'm looking for.

Many of us I believe do the same... :)