Friday, May 13, 2011

friday senses

first harvest.greenslettuce1 copysupper...

Harvesting: radishes. they are tiny baby radishes, but needed to come out to give the others room to grow, and we ate them happily.
We also had our first home grown salad of mixed greens and spinach, and it was awwwwwwesome. 
We assume that stuff we buy at the store labeled "lettuce", or "salad greens", is actually "lettuce" or "salad greens", but let me tell you….they've been fooling us! 
When grown in your own backyard dirt, the stuff actually TASTES, and needs very little to accompany it. 
We ate our greens with our radishes, a bit of parmesan cheese, a drizzle of olive oil and a splash of lemon, S&P.

plant your own: sprinkle lettuce seeds in dirt, sprinkle a bit of dirt over the top, add water and sunshine, and in a few weeks you'll have your own salad!

also eating: whole wheat spaghetti, tossed with olive oil, garlic, parm cheese, sundered tomatoes from last years garden, and chives and basil from the window.

Running: up the mountain.
Seeing: spring is finally hitting the mountain top! lots of snow melt and new buds on the trees.
Smelling: myself. whew! getting my last few workouts in before next weeks race.
Feeling: cold. warm. coldish warmish coldy warm. spring is weird.
Tasting: hot chocolate….but just at the beginning of the week when it was freezing.
Reading: after pacing and pacing myself, I finally allowed myself to finish The Book Thief. loooooooved it. Read it. soon.
Watching: Parks and Rec. I think this is my answer every time….but man that show is funny.
Anticipating: only a few more weeks of school!!! aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

feel free to play along in the comments!

Happy Weekend!

blogger has been crazy and my yoga post has disappeared (temporarily??) hopefully it will be back soon? I loved hearing your own yoga thoughts:)


Anonymous said...

Love this. Beautiful photos; especially love the radishes & watering pail.
Seeing: birds & prairie dogs & rabbits &...finally peaking out. Maybe Spring really is here.
Smelling: rain earlier in the week. mmm. Now it's just sunshine. MMMM.
Feeling: creative & ready to explore my own style & voice.
Tasting: fresh ground spice mixtures.
Reading: Oryx & Crake, as quickly as possible because I hate putting it down.
Watching: Planet Earth...again.
Anticipating: bouldering on sandstone tomorrow. [sigh] :)

A Place to Reside said...

Mmmm...radishes...I've been enthralled with them lately. I've been slicing them up thin and putting them on sandwiches or dipping them in hummus.

I lost a post with Blogger too. However, I can see the post in my Google Reader, so I'm hoping to pull it from there. Maybe that can help you?

Fortunately for me, I read your yoga post before the Blogger breakdown. :-) It was really encouraging because I could relate to your initial skepticism. I've never made it past my first few attempts at yoga, but perhaps I'll have to give it another go.

Zizi said...


I found your blog a few days ago and I have to tell you I love it! Love your style, your photos, your writing. It is so inspiring and makes me smile everyday!


summer said...

sheena, you started something huge at our house! after a couple years of ignoring it completely, grant and i watched an episode or two of P & R. and then we had to get on netflix and start from the beginning. and then we fell in love and got completely addicted!! then we finished it last week. now i almost cry every night because there are no more new ones to watch. that show is FUNNY.

thank you!!!!