Monday, May 2, 2011


how's that for a post title?

I have a new page on my blog! 
The boy was looking through the photos on my phone and said "mommy! why do you always take pictures of your food??", to which I had no answer. Because I like that so bad? So I thought I'd put them to use and post them all in once place.....kind of a phone photo'd restaurant guide. 
take a look HERE
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I found a hidden jar of peach jam  from the summer. Hidden GEM!! Hiding in the bottom of the freezer-- it made my day. We ate half a jar on toast, and closed our eyes and tasted summer.

I've been reading The Book Thief.....I may have mentioned that before? I have been slowly savoring every word, rather than rushing through like I do most books. I love everything about how it's written--it's like poetry, and I'm not ready for it to end. I'm not sure how to top it.

I saw Water for Elephants over the weekend 
(no I didn't and won't read the book....I hear it's a little to risque for me...) 
What can I say....I loved it. LOVED it! I am still thinking about it and would love to see it again, Edward and all (I was shocked at that too)

My early cool veggies are coming in!! 

We've got worms. 
For our compost. 
They are giant.

I have been asked a lot about compost.....and I don't know what to say. 
Kind of like everything else, I make it up as I go:

Last year I kept it in a bin, but this year I'm just trying it in a big pile in the corner of the garden.
fruit/veggie scraps
grass clippings

It's a pile in the sun. 
I keep it damp
And turn it from time to time. 
Last year it worked great for us.
Hayley is really good at this kind of stuff.....check it out here.
worms copy

I am obsessed with vintage cookbooks. 
I can't resist when I see a good one in the thrift store. I found this gem over the weekend--not only are the  photos absolutely fabulous and mouthwatering (?), but the recipes! oh! a ham glaze with lemon jello and mayo. You just can't beat the 1950s.

Robby is thrilled to have a recipe on the blog.....yes, 
this is his recipe for pickled eggs! 
He's been making them since he was 18. They were perfect to make after we had so many eggs at Easter. They are beautiful and a bit spicy--great for a salad or sandwich.
pickled eggs copy

Robby's Pickled Eggs
1-2 16oz jars hot chili peppers+liquid (depending now spicy you like it, he does 2)
1 can whole beets + liquid
12 hard boiled eggs, peeled
place all ingredients in jar and cover with vinegar--the more vinegar you add, the more diluted (and less spicy) they will be. Let them sit for about a week and you are ready to go!



Shannon said...

My in laws have a huge compost bin in their backyard that is made specifically for compost. It has a crank to mix it up and they use in on their garden. They are cool like that.

I think The Book Thief is the most beautifully written book I have read ever. No, really, ever. Enjoy it!

Also those worms are ginormous.

banananutmeg said...

I just got some bloodmeal to add to my compost to keep the raccoons out (yes you read that right. We set a trap, and caught a squirrel instead. no bueno.) Anyway, the bloodmeal is awesome and now my compost is really cookin with gas. It was even steaming the other day. That's some serious decomposition. I'm so stoked!

where did you order the worms? send me a linkie

Unknown said...

I didn't think WFE was anymore risque than Breaking Dawn. It's one of my favorite books! I loved the movie followed the book really closely. Did you cry at the end? I did...when it showed them with their kids/babies =) Tan Edward looks a lot better than pale sparkly Edward..haha! I'll have to check out The Book Thief...thanks for sharing :)

{natalie} said...

I saw water for elephants and loved it. I loved the book but it is pretty risqué.

Those eggs remind me of my Grandmom who brings red beet eggs to every summer function.

Tara said...

That ham!! haha!
Your veggies are coming in beeautifully! Our broccoli was the only thing to make it, but I think tomorrow we're just going to replant with extra seeds and see what happens.
I found a worm just like that one today while weeding, eww!! Soo huge! Makenzie remembered me telling her about worms and compost and said, "Wait, Mom! We need it!" I think we're ready to finally start our bin.
(and yes, I am up at 11:25 leaving blog comments about compost.) :)

Lula. said...

Your garden!!!

kylee said...

the book thief is my faaavorite book! so glad you're reading it. and even more glad you're enjoying it.

Unknown said...

oh man-jello and mayo. i thought my grandma was the only one still doing that. i dont mind the carrots added-but no mayo please!

the pickled eggs look pretty delightful. good job to the husband!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Egg shells, coffee filters, and paper towel work well for compost, too.

sheena said...

Meg I got the worms at Sportmans Warehouse--it's a hunting/fishing store. I think I was the the first woman (+ my kids) to be in there in weeks. I have never received such service!! Any place w/ fishing supplies should have them. They were $3 something for 24.

gram said...

... such an optimist with your veggies.. hope they make it! I read WFE ... such a good book!..not as risque as some of the Thursday night sit-coms...(you can always skip over those parts)

Hayley said...

i tried to read that book 2 years ago. i stopped at page 25ish.

nice eggs. do they taste a little like pickled beets? if so i'll have to try them.

summer said...

robby is so cool for pickling eggs.

ahhh! water for elephants! i almost forgot. thank you for bringing it up and the review:) LOVE your new veggies (woohoo!) and the new page. now if i could just get to that part of the country to try some of those places out.... we did finally start getting some Five Guys around these parts- yaaay!

whitneyingram said...

After you finish your book, I am going to lend you "My Life in France" by Julia Child. You will love it.

Those eggs are freaky looking.

When you come over tomorrow, I need to show you my mom's first cookbook. An old Betty Crocker cookbook. Pretty priceless.

~Amy said...

LOVE the book thief. How could anybody ever stop reading it!! I agree, it is like poetry. I love the way he describes everything. So beautiful, even in awful situations. Water for Elephants?? hmmmm......

Cason and Marie said...

I am in love with your blog! I have been a reader for some time now, but thought I'd come out and say hello. Great recipes!! Thanks for sharing!