Thursday, April 28, 2011


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each week-ish I post about making tiny changes towards a healthier lifestyle--from eating to exercise. You can read them all here...

This past weekend we set out to run. Charly and I. 
We have a new favorite trail where she can roam freely off her leash, and together we head 
the mountain. 
Spring has not yet sprung way up there, but snow is slowly melting across our path as we go.
It's wet and muddy and terribly sloppy.
We like that.
The climb is steep. 
Every step I take is felt. 
Every breath labored. 
Every chance I get, I wonder why I'm doing it. 

But then I listen. 

Charly's tags are ding-a-linging. 
Birds are whistling right next to me--calling out for spring to come. 
A waterfall right below us. 
I listen more. 
There is the squish of mud beneath my feet--followed with a splatter as it finds is place up the back of my leg. 
I am a mess.

My breath. It's heavy. But it's working. 
I notice the rhythm to it. 
I use in inhales and exhales to propel me up, up, up the mountain. 
I don't focus on the top--but look down at each step I'm taking. 

I listen to my body as it struggles it's way up the hill,
my thoughts (mostly negative) are loud and I try not to let them over power.
....but then I listen, a quiet celebration after we make it to the top.
....and we always make it to the top.
photo 3photo 1photo 2photo 4

Since I have been trail running I have left my music at home. 
Something I NEVER dreamt possible. 
But I soon found that is was too loud and distracting--I need to hear my thoughts--my brain tick tocking and my body telling me what to do. It's the only way I can make it up. 

The same thing can be applied to our day-to-day lives--whether we are running or not. 

Way back when, before Google, Wikipedia, Oprah and Dr. Oz, how did people know what their bodies needed? What to feed them, how to heal them, how to make them stronger? 

They listened to their bodies.

There weren't so many distractions. 
There weren't so many options. 
They just listened. 

I found when I am more in tune with my body and my thoughts, I crave more of what's good for me.
I crave what my body needs. 

I feel when my body needs to run--or when it just needs to stretch. 
When I am tired--I try to find time to take a nap--even if it's just a short one. (how to nap here:)
After a run I crave salt and fat. Avocado on toast with salt and pepper always hits the spot. 
Days I do yoga I crave water for hours. 
Sometimes when my brain is noisy, my kids are noisy, my house is noisy--we have quiet time.
Everyone in their rooms to read. 

My challenge to you this week is to listen. 
Turn down the distractions (whether it be the literal volume in your life, or maybe an over crowded schedule), and figure out what it is that your body needs. 
A walk. A nap. Meditation (does anyone else think super crazy pot-smoking hipppie when they hear the word meditation?? I that's why I just call it quiet time:)
A salad. I can't tell you how often after I bake cookies or eat something sweet my body just begs for a giant green salad.

So take some time to listen--make time for yourself so you can listen.
I'd love to know what you hear.

and just in case you start to think I take myself too seriously when I write these cheesy's the most recent photo of Charly and me...
photo 5

happy listening.


Kristina said...

Absolutely wonderful post. And inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

well if you said so-ill be napping as much as possible :)

Distrikt Collective said...
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Rachelle said...

i never run with music. most people think i am crazy but i love the time alone to think without distractions!

and please try lemon pepper on your avocado toast next time. it is so so good!

ps, i deleted comment above, i was signed in as kelly's design blog. ha!

jfb said...

I am so glad I discovered your blog! Your post today was exactly what I spent my run yesterday thinking about.

This week I've make two of your recipes - whole wheat waffles and the burrito bowls. my family loved both! thanks for sharing your ideas!

Kasey said...

Great post!

kassidi bridge said...

favorite "health" post ever. we should all listen to our bodies more for SURE!!

Amelia PS said...

I didn't think the post is all! The photos were awesome. I run ... and bike ... and swim. I only listen to music on my runs. Swim and bike are for my thoughts. and i love it. so liberating. keep running... keep writing .... keep listening...

kate said...

ooh. i love this post, sheena. good stuff. running forced me to listen to my body.

kate said...

p.s. on the agenda next week is your pizza dough and fruit leather! (not together, that'd be gross.)

summer said...

"quiet time" .. YES! i don't think i've ever used the term meditation in a serious context :) and your body does beg you for something different after a dose of sugar! so true.

ps. ohhhh charly.. look at her with her ears way back in that last photo! love that:)

Chelsea said...

love love love, and totally agree :)

Laken said...

I love loved this post (& all posts)... I haven't consistently & seriously run in years & today that will change. Back in high school I had a 8 mile a day regimen & while I won't quite be able to do that, I WILL get out there (maybe even without music!) & feel the chilly air in my lungs & SMILE.
My husband & I have been married a year & your blog inspires me. I can't wait to add to our family (we only have a great dane pup now) & to spend our days soaking it all in & enjoying the blessings (kids) that God has given us. Thank you for writing & please don't stop!! :)

Julia Kelly said...

thank you! loved this post!

Stephanie said...

Love this post! I am a huge proponent of quiet time. I love to be alone in the house or the car and turn off the radio/iPod/TV and just think.

Dana said...

I have found that running is the best time to listen to yourself. It lets my mind wander and certain thoughts come up that I normally wouldn't hear come shining through. It's a different case when running on a treadmill. Music. Much. Needed.