Sunday, April 10, 2011

jedi training party

You have a six year old (you are old).
He loves Star Wars. 
LOVES Star Wars. 
So of course, he wants a Star Wars birthday party with all his friends. 
What do you do?
You let him plan it!!

This party ended up being really easy to do--easy AND inexpensive--my favorite things. 
Ask your little guy for ideas, and he'll come up with some crazy stuff. Together you can use your imaginations and come up with a simple fun plan.
joissix copy

What you need:
1) a second location. Since our first location was the park, and it was SNOWING!! 
I was SOOOOO thankful we could use our church gym last minute.
2) Rowdy children
3) lightsabers! pool noodles cut in half (I used black and sliver tape on the ends for a "handle", but you don't have to). This way they can beat each other silly and no one will get hurt.
4)A Jedi training course. Balloons, streamers, tables, chairs, slides, swings--any kind of obstacle you can think up!
5) Star Wars Music.....because that makes it official.

note: no need for extra decorations or anything fancy..... boys don't care! don't give yourself the extra work.

After everyone had completed the course, we all lined up for a Darth Vader pinata (found on Amazon).

Star Wars Cupcakes. 
Easiest thing I've ever done (and maybe the ugliest/most disturbing), but I have never seen kids so excited. 
The boy even liked them more than last years R2D2 cake.

I printed out Star Wars character heads onto cardstock, cut them out (creepy I know) and glued them to toothpicks (even creepier.) Did a quick frosting job on the cupcakes, stuck them in and VWALLA! Instant hit. 

Lesson learned: ALWAYS HAVE A CAKE MIX ON HAND. Why oh why did I waste my time making homemade cupcakes for little boys who lick the (mint buttercream) frosting off so they can hurry and go play??? crazy.

Lesson #2 learned: Let dad get in on the action. This was never part of "The Plan" that they boy and I had come up with....he had no idea, and was so surprised!
 Robby called me the day before the party and told me he found a costume to rent... 

He came running into the gym after cake, presents, and lots of lightsaber battles and it was terrifying! I thought he looked so scary--but the boys didn't even think twice. 
They all jumped right up and chased him around the gym.

NOTE: If Darth Vader chooses to make an appearance at your party, may I suggest you have him come let's say, five or so minutes before the party ends. Darth Vader can lay down and pretend to die, but the newly trained Jedi will not care--they will continue to beat him. 
and beat him. 
and beat him. 
He can try to run away, but these are little boys, who never tire. 
Make sure Darth Vader knows what he is getting himself in to.


happy birthday boy.
the end.


kylee said...

cutest birthday party everrrr! goodness it looks so fun!

banananutmeg said...

a boy party. preview of coming attractions! Good advice on the box cake. MY girls ate only the candy and frosting off the snowman cupcakes I made for Reese's birthday. I did use canned rainbow chip frosting...and the snowmen looked like they had acne. oops. Maybe that's why they didn't eat the rest! hahaha!

Lindsey Jaye Parry said...

I purchased a DJ Lance outfit two days ago for John to wear to Layla's upcoming dance party... John is not being too cooperative just yet. So I showed him this, one point for me in knowing GOOD DADs dress up for their kids parties.

I don't know why. The kid can't wait to put on spandex when it's bike riding time. I have three weeks to wear him down.

Fun party

Anonymous said...

hahahah!!! you're so funny. and very creative! i think it's quite funny how most moms worry and fuss over every last detail of the decorations, goody bags and birthday cake etc etc. gosh they're just kids, they don't care!! you're just great sheena.

Dolly said...

I have a six year old who LOVES Starwars also! This party looks like so much fun...Am I as brave as you? Let me think about this:) *Thanks for the inspiration.

Christine said...

THIS is what a kid party should be like. Forget Chuck E. Cheese or Build-a-Bear!

alliehoopes said...

it's just wonderful all the way down to the cupcake heads.

sarah nicole said...

How adorable! You are such a sweet mom.



singerinkitchen said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, what a great party! Sounds like it was perfect! I am still pretty amazed by that pinata too!

Shannon said...

Looks like a HUGE success! I think the surprise villian at the end was great. Also, I love your lessons. I definitely don't waste time on the cupcakes since almost every single kid just licks off the top. I thought your cupcake picks turned out really cute! Good job. I'm sure you have one happy 6 year old. :)

Amelia PS said...

not only is the party adorable...i loved your B&W and yellow recount of it all! wonder-full and fun.

Unknown said...

a cheap party is my fave! especially since kids dont even care. what a good job, he will remember it forever! how fun!!

why does it have to snow really?? good thing for the cultural hall! looks like so much fun.

Kimber said...

what a darling party! i bet he loved it! and the darth vader part is quite hilarious :)

have you seen the youtube video "jedi gym" i would imagine you have but just in case you haven't, go check it out!

Rachael said...

That looks so fun! What an awesome, and inexpensive(my favorite thing) way to have a great Star Wars birthday!! Love that you used Star Wars music too. That probably really sets the mood.

summer said...

love it!! you guys are so cool. i hope to copy this party to a T someday. (plus a cake mix, that is. great idea!)

ps. the shirt with a big number 6 on it is AWESOME.

Kaitlin said...

This is SO COOL! You are the coolest mom ever and have the most adorable family. I'm not sure I'd fit in, but will you please adopt me? :D

Courtney said...

I love that you made homemade cupcakes. I think it's great to develop little palates with real food. Whether they appreciated it or not, they were exposed! So be proud. On another note, I made some fresh mozzarella cheese this weekend. As much as you post your yummy pizza recipes, I thought your and your love of pizza! If you are interested, check out the post on my blog. ;)

Sabrina said...

Such a cute party. I have a 3 1/2 year old that is obsessed with Star Wars. I told my husband this weekend I now know what it was like to be his mother and raise a Star Wars obsessed little boy.

melissa said...

ps i like the new watercolor seeping in.

A Beautiful Life said...

this is ADORABLE!! just goes to show that simple is always best with kids, they don't need tons of hoopla and ginormous amounts of money spent on them, i bet he and all his friends will remember this birthday forever, so clever!! i love that the hubby got in on the action, that's priceless! love it!

gram said...

... sheena.. sounds like so much fun! .. and 'Yea! for Robby!!..

kim west said...

love adore! my son would flip for this! your blog makeover is adorable! loving it!

Heather Mattern said...

This it totally awesome!!

kim west said...

I featured this on my blog today!