Friday, April 15, 2011

this very minute....

... is bright and sunshiny. lettuce seeds are sprouting (hooray!)
.....I have strawberries in my kitchen.
.....I hear a lawnmower.
.....I also hear Schuyler Fisk singing. From my ipod, not in my house.
.....I'm excited for a long afternoon run in the sun.
.....there is a fly buzzing my head (I didn't say these were all pleasant things).
.....I'm craving pizza.....or sushi (it's way too early for either).
.....I'm calling it weekend. riiiiiiiiight now.

what about you?

happy weekend!


Ang said...

happy weekend!

p.s. i have totally eaten both pizza and sushi for breakfast - do it! :)

Tara said...

I just can't believe your seeds survived! I didn't plant lettuce, but I don't think anything I planted is going to make it.

whitneyingram said...

Folding laundry. Watch Ina Garten. Wiping Van's nose. Defrosting chicken breasts for a recipe test. Waiting for my chubby nephew to come over for a visit.

And my weekend will be great because my cute babysitter informed me that she wants to babysit on Saturday and me and Ethan are supposed to go on a date. Okay darling girl, you don't gotta tell me twice.

Rach said...

went to happy sumo last night and ate wayyyyy too much :) happy weekend

kate said...

reading blogs. eating leftover curry homemade by my love, squeling at the reminder of schuyler fisk which reminds me of the babysitters club, listening to sf youtube videos and imdbing the babysitter girls. :)

and i second whoever said sushi for breakfast! i want to get pizza for dinner tonight just so we'll have leftovers for breakfast one morning this weekend.

have a great one

emily. said...

mmm those strawberries look so good.
makes me want to dip them in a big bowl of sour cream and brown sugar.


Anonymous said...

perfect picture! i really love our blog!

Emily said...

Sheena, where did your "Spring Me" go? I'm wondering if you've ever done a photobook, say through Shutterfly or the like. I haven't found a company that makes a good photobook yet. Any helps?