Thursday, April 21, 2011

the 10 minute tie + a few simple easter projects

I am not at all a fan of how commercialized holidays are.....from the aisles of the store to blogland itself--it's a little out of control, don't you think? We keep it very simple around simple that I just realized today that it is only a few days until Easter, and maybe I should find something Easter-y for my kids to wear to church Easter Sunday.

Enter the 10-minute tie.

My boy loves to wear ties--he feels so big, and when I can whip them up in a few minutes--he can wear them all he wants.

There are lots of really cute tie tutorials and patterns floating around the www right now, which is awesome if you sew, cut straight, and are good at following patterns.....but I terrible at all of those things.

So this one is easy because you start out with an old tie--like one of your husband's old ties that he hasn't worn in years, yet still has hanging in his closet for some reason. We've also found some great vintage ties at the thrift store with some really fun patterns for little boys--it's fun to see what you can find.

What you need:
old tie (we are using one of Robby's old ties is EIGHT years old!)
adorable boy who loves to wear ties

1. Tie the tie onto your boy to figure out how long you will want the finished product to be.
2. Cut across.
3. Fold the ends of the tie up in the back to form a point. You may have to do a little more trimming here--all ties are different--some are 100% fabric, and some have liners inside that you may have to reach in and trim a bit. Either way--super easy.
4. Sew the ends up, being carful no to take the needle through the front layer of the tie.
Does it look awesome in the back?? NO! I told you I am not a seamstress. But was it a cheap/free tie, and no one will ever see the back? oh yes.
5. Place tie on boy.
6. Feel really good about yourself.
tie1tie2tie3tie4tie5 copy
that's that.

We've been adding tulips and daffodils around the house, as well as fancy schmancy maple blossoms. What are maple blossoms you ask? Why, they are the branches cut of our maple tree while they are blossoming into leaves. I love them because not only do they add lots of color, a honey-ish smell, and general "springyness" to the room, they also continue to transform even after they are cut--so it's a good way to teach your kids about how leaves are born, if you are nerdy like me.
mapleblossoms2 copymapleblossom1 copy

and a few things we pulled out from last year....
Super easy Easter baskets we made (tutorial here)
her easter basket

And this pompom garland that I hung up again (tutorial from last year here)
diy pompom garland

And just to keep the real reason of Easter in mind.....

happy day!


singerinkitchen said...

Thank you for the beautiful message and reminder of Easter. Christ is risen, He is risen indeed.

L said...

Yes indeed...Jesus is the Reason we celebrate. Because He lives we can face tomorrow!
and gosh, i love the 10min tie idea! brilliant post! :D

summer said...

i say this every time, but, seriously.
i love this, sheena! for some reason, i have a feeling that this babes inside me might be a boy. and if so, i will be suuuuper excited to make a tie for him. thanks!

also, the maple branches! what a great (pretty) idea. i am nerdy and like to teach kids things too... yesterday i realized i was instructing my preschoolers about "self-control." not a bad idea, just a big one:)

and yay! HE IS RISEN! (no candy required.)

Unknown said...

we keep things pretty simple around here too! i love how the tie has become a skinny tie-for sure amazing-maybe if i am having a boy this will be on the list!

so grateful for the church, and the focus on the Savior.

Anonymous said...

Sheena, you truly are a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing that wonderful message of the saviors death and resurrection. Your simplicity is so refreshing compared to all the overwhelming amount of projects and easter ideas in the blog world. Thank you for your quiet example to all of us.

Haley said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! This post was full of little gems!!

I'm all over the repurposed tie for my little man :) brilliant!

And your fresh, blooming branches on your table are gorgeous. LOVE it.

And that video...I've been meaning to watch that. Thank you so much for sharing it. SO touching :) What a wonderful holiday we're about to enjoy. Thank goodness for His sacrifice...for His selfless love <3

Brittany said...

okay you just the perfect lil mother, perfect lil lady and just find the time to do everything!! love the tie and easter basket

Anneliese said...

i MIGHT have to come back to this idea late saturday night if my tie shopping fails me. i have been looking all over for a baby tie!

Alejandra Ramos said...

What a beautiful video. Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...