Friday, April 1, 2011

__________ makes me happy

Eating a simple dinner:
-shredded chicken (baked or slow cooked for a few hours with lemon, olive oil, S&P
-marinated peppers
-sundried tomatoes
-goat cheese
-a favorite vinaigrette or a bit of lemon & olive oil

feeling SUNSHINE!
lying down in the (needs-to-be-mowed) grass and taking a deep breath.
the month of April.
Tom from Parks and Rec. 
finally being able to buy Tangled. I cannot get over how much I love that movie.
when my dreams have music in them (The Weepies Antartica)
Ben Kweller.
A certain little girl insisting that dandelions are "beeaauuutiful flowers, and that they should go in vases all over the house (which they did).
naandinner copyhyacinth copydandelion copyBWflowers copydandelions2 copy

What makes you very happy?

Happy Weekend!


Akvilina said...

Right now? Spring rain, that washes all the dirt left after the snow melted, and +19C this weekend!

LMB said...

I know this doesn't answer the question at the end of your post, but since I know you are big into healthy eating I wanted to pass along this link. It's a really great blog that is all about nutrition, eating healthy, etc. & its pretty artfully done (it's not my own blog, so this isn't shameless promotion or anything...just something I'd thought you'd enjoy!)

Have a great weekend!

Becca said...

that dish looks devineee!!

a sunny weekend, doing fun activities with my hub and friends!

summer said...

APRIL! blue sky, less snow, more grass, 50 degrees, etc.

Kenny said...

The beach! We had the best morning there yesterday and I can't wait to be going lots more! We are having warmer than usual spring days (85 yesterday), but I prefer to take advantage of them instead of complain!

kassidi bridge said...

sunshine. cactus. birds singing. a two teeth grin. the jogger stroller. pizza with green chillies. general conference this weekend.

Meg said...

Most things! I enjoy so many things, both simple and grand. Enjoying my surroundings is what my life is about!

Modern Suzie said...

I too love dandelions, they make me happy. I wish that I could grow a whole flower bed of them without the neighbours all hating me. The look so cheery :)

Kimmie said...

Love notes from my hubby, sun shining brightly through my windows, being caught up on the laundry, blooming flowers, hiking in the mountains, eating crispy apples, kneading bread dough, the smell of fresh baked bread, when my day works out and my kids come home to fresh baked cookies after school, sitting down enjoying dinner with my family, sitting on my front porch listening to the birds, home made soup, the smell of fresh cut grass, my kids walking in the door from school and telling me all about their day, morning twilight walks with my hubby, sunrises and sunsets. Hugs and kisses from my hubby after he walks in the door after work. Listening to beautiful music, listening to upbeat music and being crazy and dancing with my kids around the house, Cuddling on the couch playing footsies with my hubby while we watch a movie. Walks around the block hand in hand with my sweetie. Fresh eggs from our chickens. Morning breakfast of steel cut oats.

Hope your weekend is FULL of all of the many things that make you HAPPY!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

kate aubuchon said...

Your naan makes me happy :) I made it last night and copied your dinner idea and it was perfect. Thank you!! Besides your naan, sunshine, a glass of red wine, friends on our front porch, hosting dinner parties, reading, being with my husband, my sister coming to visit....oh so many things make me happy!! Finding your blog goes on that list too.

Hope said...

Right now the smells of spring are keeping me VERY happy. I am loving just being able to breath right now. Spring is, for sure, my favorite season of all.

Thanks for your post! I can't wait to make some naan!

Rachael said...

I love this 'things that make me happy' post!!
And I love your pitures!
Things that make me happy: Being able to see friends I haven't seen in awhile this past week!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that dandelion comment makes my heart melt

kate said...

hi there! i stumbled across your blog while looking for a farm table tutorial and i'm hooked! so many lovely, inspiring things going on here...thanks for the good work. i'll be coming back often.

Cierra::The Yellow House said...

Hello hello! I just sent you a question on formspring, but realized too late that I left it anonymous. I was hoping that you would be able to share a few recommendations for camera lenses. I'm looking to upgrade, & I love to know what you shoot with. Btw, your blog is so inspiring! You are motivating me to be a better photographer. :)