Monday, April 4, 2011

good morning, six year old

I remember standing in the living room of a teeny tiny yellow house.
It had been raining. 
It was dark. 
And quiet.
It was that time of day that was no longer night, but not yet morning. 
The world slept. 
I held on to your dad tightly, rocking back and forth, sure that I would die any minute. 
Watching the clock, timing contractions, wondering when to go to the hospital. 
Wishing each minute would pass faster, instead of 
If only time could speed up, and I could hurry you out into the world. 
Finally, you came.
And here you are, this morning.
Six years old. 
Six years later. 
We did it.
bdayboy copy

I love you.


Unknown said...

oh waiting for them is always the worst! but once they are here its like holding a piece of heaven.

happy birthday!!

judi said...

Happy Happy Day! We are so glad he is ours!

Anneliese said...

i'm still at the stage where i can't image that those tiny baby boys turn 6 years old. mine hasn't turned 1 yet, but he will...and then eventually 6. seems surreal. enjoy the day! YOU had a baby 6 years ago. get it gurl!

A Beautiful Life said...

aww, happy birthday little man! my 2nd girlie turned six on March 26th, it's amazing how fast it flies and each child seems like it goes by faster :( hope he had a wonderful day!


abby jenkins said...

oh that is the sweetest!!!! I adore that photo, would make a wonderful greeting card!

melissa said...

i think having a 6 year old will be awesome, am i right?

what is that stack of awesomecake? i'm sure you'll tell us later, right? hint hint.

and i know this isn't really a post about labor and delivery (are you scared about where this comment is going?) but i thought it went by SO SO FAST! fastest eight hours of my life, i swear. yeah, there was the thinking i was going to die, but afterward i couldn't believe it had been 8 hours. ok, over and out on that subject.

summer said...

woohoo! happy day to your birthday boy, sheena!

Lula. said...

I think that is the best birthday photo ever.

Courtney said...

oh my goodness how is he six already!?!?! Time needs to slow down!

sheena said...

haha melissa that stack of awesomeness is a stack of blueberry pancakes....birthday breakfast:)