Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sun up, to sun down

the sun came up.
good morning. 
they wanted cheerios. 
i wanted raw oats.
a little gardening.
aaaahhhh the smell of summer rain.
an afternoon inside.
greens+roasted broccoli+avocado+red onion+egg+lemon+olive oil


Cecily R said...

What a GREAT post!! The simplicity just makes me happy. :)

Zizi said...

I love this post so much! Simple but heart warming! :)

Jennifer Votra said...

what a beautiful way to describe your day! love it!!

Anonymous said...

Love this post too so sweet warm and inviting

Bridget said...

i must make burrito bowls.

MONster said...

i LOVE that chalkboard picture.

Rachael said...

If you had a photo book, I'd totally buy it.
Love your photos.

gram said...

.. the egg on the salad looked good!... maybe add some crumbled bacon... (smile)... loved the secret word today.. 'mitypit'

Ang said...

we love burrito bowls - thanks for the idea!

oh and your little baby carrots - SO cute! :D

Mariel Torres said...

Gorgeous pictures darling!

kh said...

your meals look so yummy! what a fun idea for a post!

Laney Butler said...

Lovely pics! That salad looks so good!

abby try again said...

totally gorgeous shots!
Thanks for sharing. Hope your summer is just fabulous.