Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Wasatch Back,

a collection of little letters

you came and went again. You were a blast, terribly challenging, and beeeeautiful. Thank you.
hill copy
Dear Robby,
I love when we go on super dates like this! Take that, The Bachelor!! 
Remember how you don't really love to run?? Yet you keep signing up for these and doing awesome? I love you.

Dear firemen, thank you thank you thank you for spraying runners as they went by. We loved it!
firemen copy
Dear My Hair,
I don't know what to do with you anymore.
waterboy copy

 Dear Robby,
Remember when we camped out for an hour by the water? That seems like years ago.

Dear 7.6 mile run at 2am,
you were my favorite. by far.
The 40° was perfect, I could see my breath in the (full) moonlight.
Don't tell Ragnar but I pointed my headlamp up to the sky so all that lit my way was the full moon and ten thousand stars.
I was so happy that you were rocky and dirty trail instead of pavement. I was more than excited to jump the creek. And running through an old train tunnel??!!! Who gets to do that?? I loved it.

Dear High School Gym that I "slept" for two hours in at 6am,
that was weird. And dark. And musty. And full of all kinds of snoring noises. I sunk down in my sleeping bag and giggled.

Dear Girl who held up the bathroom line to shave your legs in the sink.

Dear Cup-O-Soup. We meet again my old friend. You are against everything I believe, yet you taste so good after being up running for 24 hours.

Dear Nevernude Fans,
don't worry, we'll be back in October.
Would you believe that there was a Nevernude copycat team there??!! 
We'll get them.....we have a few tricks up our cutoffs.
seriously go watch our video one more time, just for kicks.

Dear Real Toilets,
wow I missed you.

Dear Ragnar Hill,
Why are you the hardest thing ever, yet look like nothing in photos?? It's discouraging.

Dear Robby, remember how you volunteered to run the last mile of The Hill with me?? CRAZY!!! I loved that you did it, and I love that you know what to say to push my buttons to keep me going.
Dear finish, 
finish copy
Dear Tara and Justin,
thank you thank you for inviting us to run. Sorry we stunk up your van.
friends copy
Dear ice cream sandwich, you tasted awesome at the finish.
Dear us,

Dear self,
4th relay down.
what is wrong with you?

Dear Fish Tacos, you're what I thought about the whole time. I couldn't wait to meet up with you Saturday night.....as usual, you did not disappoint.


sincerely yours,


Anna said...

Wow that looks intense! Did all of you run the whole thing or did you have running shifts?

sheena said...

we all run 3 times:)

Amy said...

Congratulations on your Ragnar finish! You definitely deserved that icecream sandwich at the end :)

Lillian said...

You just officially inched in and clinched your spot as my favorite blogger:) Every.single.post has something I love - your photos, your words - your fun attitude - so much goodness! Congrats on the finish!

Anonymous said...

I envy you! There is something so powerful about running but I just can't get into it. I'm still trying. I do love a challenging hike or backpacking adventure but running just..... well your photos rocked!

kristin brown said...

good job! especially with the ragnar hill...! it sounds like my husband ran all the same legs as you and he hasn't stopped talking about the awful ragnar hill since. :)

Maggy said...

hard core girl!! well done!

banananutmeg said...

you are making ragnar more and more appealing...

Unknown said...

amazing!! seriously why do pictures never show how brutal a hill is?? we will all go look at it in real life to make you feel better.

after this sweet little girl comes out of my tummy i cannot wait to run one of these! if you ever need a sub in four months + please contact me! yes i am one of those crazy people that would go out of my way to run and sweat. the fish tacos will make it worth it right?

Anonymous said...

wow what an incredible experience! congrats on y'all's {its a texas thing} finish! seriously so inspiring!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Sheena! Awesome photos and awesome entry!

I would love to find a run like that in the Portland, OR area...guess I'll have to start looking!

gram said...

... sheena ... loved your blog! ... and congrats to Robby for keeping up with you!

Lula. said...

I am so jealous in a really-not-jealous sort of way. And I am even more jealous that The Never Nudes will be back with a vengeance in Oct, but we won't :( Poop. And I mean that.

Also, how do you continue to look so freaking adorable coated in sweat and not having slept in 24 hours? Not fair.

Caitlin said...

I love this! Especially the crazy hair. Own it. Love it. :)

kassidi bridge said...

awesome job you guys!!

Danielle said...

i loved this post! i'm signed up with a team to run the great river ragnar in minnesota and this just made me that much more excited about it. tips for a first timer?

Amanda Mae said...

ohmygod, YOURE MY HERO!

Nicolette said...

Of all the awesomeness in this post, I just want to know where you went for the fish tacos?? Now I'm cravin' some!

Anonymous said...

i had my suspicions before but now they are confirmed... you. are. the. prettiest.

Kasey said...

I am dying to do a Ragnar. Maybe Del Sol this year!

Jessica said...

I just had to comment, because it is such a small world! I was googling for a chocolate cake with coconut milk, and came upon your recipe. Your blog looked interesting so I clicked to your recent posts. I'm from Michigan, and just took a vacation to Utah two weeks back. We were in Park City the final day of the race, and were headed to the top of the mountain to see some snow as everyone else was running down. It was very cool! The bunny and pig decorated cars definitely caught our attention, haha. I'll definitely be adding your blog to my list!