Monday, October 31, 2011

how we halloween

it looks a little like this:

Our Halloween dinner tradition is......NACHOS!! 
And this is how we do them:

Spicy Homemade Chili
here is my "recipe" can decipher it however you like. 

happy, grass fed ground beef browned with lots of onion and garlic
kidney and pinto beans
tomato sauce
diced tomatoes
ground chipotle flakes
chili powder
a hefty dash of unsweetened baking cocoa
all simmered together on the stove for the afternoon

For the Nachos 
(we like them extra spicy):
tortilla chips
pepper jack cheese
homemade guacamole and salsa
sour cream
green onions
fresh tomatoes
Marie Sharp's  Habanero Sauce (the BEST!)

top, pile, and load them up!
nachos copy
Trick or Treat
jolu copytreat copy

Happy Halloween!!! 

now let's deck the halls.


Abigail Jasmine said...

how fun!! love your pirate outfit~

Anonymous said...

adorable posts! love everyones costumes! can't wait to try the chili xxo

Hannah Nicole said...

aw. aww. awww! they are so cute! your halloween looks like so fun. and that chili? nomnomnom. happy november!

Hannah Nicole said...

er, your halloween looks like so MUCH fun. I think all the sugar went to my brain. ;)

Tanae Nelson said...

Your kids have the perfect expressions on her faces for their costumes.

amanda jane said...

ha! You are so cute. I love your missing tooth.

CarrieLovesKeith said...

Can I just say, I love EVERY recipe you post! That like, never happens on any other site I visit. These nachos look delicious! Please keep the recipes coming! And, if you go on a book tour after your cookbook comes out, come to Arizona... I'd love to meet you and thank you in person :)

Kimmie said...

Love your Halloween Nachos...they look fabulous and definitely would be something my family would enjoy!! I'll have to try those mixing up those ingredients and making some for a fun dinner.

You are skilled beyond measure with that camera of yours...your photos are always AMAZING!!

Just wanted to let you know that you inspired our Halloween costumes this year....dressed my boys up like "FrankieStein"! (here if you would like to see how they turned out

BTW...LOVE the pumpkin photos in your Pig and her pumpkins post....that is one giant jack-o-lantern makes me want to try and carve that exact pumpkin and take photos of my kids like you did. My boys would think that is AWESOME!! WOW, what talent you and your family have.

Hope you are enjoying your day! Thanks for the smiles and inspiration!!

Kayla said...

Eee! Your family is so cute! I love that last photo of them at the door, it's perfect!

And I am so READY for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

summer said...

fun! i love your fam. :)

ps. deck the halls- YES.