Sunday, October 30, 2011

a pig and her pumpkins

I decided to post a super special weekend post juuuuussssttt in case you woke up this morning in a cold sweaty panic because "tomorrow is Halloween and I don't have a costume for __________"
piggy copy

This costume is about as simple as they come, and could work for any man/woman/child. 
In fact, I dare a grown man to wear this costume--that would  be pretty awesome.

What you need:
-long sleeve pink shirt (this turtleneck was at Walmart for $3.88!)
-old t-shirt or tank top 
-pink pants/socks/shoes (we had all of these)
-pink felt
-hair clips
-hot glue
-heavy gage floral wire
-pink blush/lip gloss
-needle and thread
-masking tape

-Take the old tank top/t-shirt and sew it to the inside of the long sleeve pink top
(turn both shirts inside out to do so). It's like you are making a pillow
Just connect the two bottom hems, and then right at the top of the sleeves so it stays in place.
 This is so you can stuff the shirt and make your little piggy fat, and the stuffing won't actually touch their skin.
The stuffing goes between the two layers.
This is a picture taken AFTER it's all done, but it should give you the idea.
I used a sewing machine to do the job--and it was super quick (and I really, really do not sew) but you could also do it by hand.

-Stuff the batting between the two layers (don't connect the top all the way--you need holes to stuff through)

-Cut ears out of felt and attach to hair clips with hot glue.
-wrap floral wire with felt, twist, and glue to secure. Stitch by hand onto back of shirt.

-Cut a pig shaped snout out of felt and stick it to your little piggy's nose with masking tape.
yep. masking tape. It removes and re-sticks easily and she didn't mind it at all.

Dress head to toe in pink, finish with some rosy pink cheeks and lips and you are officially a pig.


and now....a little peek at our halloweeny weekend.
pumpkin3 copypumpkin2 copypumpkin1 copy
happy haunting!


Hannah Nicole said...

oh, oh, oh! I love this. She is the cutest little piggy ever. And that last photo made me smile. So glad you did an extra special weekend post!

Unknown said...

Adorable pig!! P.S. I made your acorn squash last night and it was SO GOOD!

Happy Halloween!

Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo said...

Such a cute small pig!!!We were attacked with a mean virus this weekend and didn't leave the a lot of Halloween preparations happened here :-)

kylie said...

well that is just the cutest lil piggy i´ve ever seen in my life

gram said...

..only Lu!.. she has got enough attitude for all three piggies! .. so cute!!

in dreams said...

those pumpkins are fantastic! i have yet to carve mine.

and your little piggy is adorable! i love how easy the costume is to make. :)

Unknown said...

your kids are just so adorable!! love the little pig, and her stink face :) house is cuter than ever. love all of this. your blog always makes me smile.

kassidi bridge said...

so cute. love love your halloween decorations!

allegra said...

cuuuuute, cute! sometimes the most simple costumes are the BEST. she looks adorable!!! i think you're the best little mommy. wish you could be my permanent cook in my kitchen, too. i never find time to cook as well as you do and your stuff looks delish! your kiddos are so lucky to have you. Happy Halloween to your darling munchkins.

Danielle Pottberg said...

That last photo is seriously amazing. I love the wonderment of Halloween for the little ones. Being a teacher means I get to see the kids in costume and getting so so excited. I wish I could post a million pictures of my students!


gfs said...

hahahaha - such a cute little piggy and Luke looks pretty awesome! We don't really do halloween over here, but those pumpkins are truly fabulous!

Unknown said...

ha! That photo made me crack up! Best costume ever! haha