Tuesday, October 11, 2011


maybe you saw me....
saturday morning. 
I was the girl at the farmer's market with 700 pounds of squash.
I usually know it's time to leave the market when I find that I've run out of cash.....
....but this time I had ran out of space. 
and arms. 

how could I pass them up? 
they are:
they can be used for decoration until they are ready to be eaten.
they can be pureed and frozen, and added to anything later on.
and again, cheap!
So I loaded up as many as I could carry (acorn! butternut! buttercup! turban!), and made plans to come back with:
more bags. 
a wagon. 
a U-haul.

This is the EASIEST way to prepare any type of squash. 
Tonight we chose a lovely acorn, and sliced it into "flowers", which the kids
(and let's not lie, myself also), seemed to find quite amusing. 

Roasted Acorn Squash with Browned Butter and Sage

preheat oven to 450°

Wash squash. 
Slice into "flower" shapes, about 1/2" thick.
Brush lightly with olive oil. 
Sprinkle with salt.
Roast for 30-40 minutes until squash is fork tender.

while roasting:
brown butter (a few TBS)
Heat pan on medium heat.
Cut butter in to pieces and melt in pan.
Stir continuously. Butter will foam up.
After foam subsides, small brown flecks will start to appear in bottom of pan.
Continue stirring, until butter has reached a nice brown color, and nutty aroma.
When you want to lick the spoon, you know it's ready.
ta-dah! brown butter. 

add in a few dashes of dried sage to butter.
spoon over squash.
squash1 copysquash2 copysquash3 copysquash4 copysquash5 copysquash6 copysquash7 copy

what is your favorite kind of squash? 
how do you cook it? 
really, I want to know.....I'm going back to stock up.....see you there!


Unknown said...

I LOVE squash. It reminds me or autumn and winter and that makes me very happy. My mum makes the nicest butternut squash soup. She roasts slices of the squash first so it's all caramelised and yummy.

I'm getting hungry now.


Jecka said...

I love preparing spaghetti squash! I think it's so fun to roast it, then attack it with a fork to get the "spaghetti" effect!

I love the taste of butternut squash the most, but I've never roasted it myself. (Shocking, I know!)

ieatmodestmouse said...

i cook the skins with delicata squash..and i know those are edible. do you eat the skins on other kinds of squash too? or do you eat around it?

Meg said...

butternut. hands down. roast, puree, freeze for soup later. yum.
I do love sausage and couscous stuffed acorn squash, too. yum.

katie bateman said...

Spaghetti is a fav of my family, roasted wth salt pepper then top it with brow sugar. Yum.

Aurelia said...

Oh that's so delicous! Thank you for posting this receipt!

xo Aurelia


Megan said...

your squash is so pretty! this weekend I made a butternut squash soup with shallots, carrot, and granny smith apple pureed in. delish, happy fall!



Emily said...

How much are the squash at your farmer's market? I wonder if they'll go on sale in a few weeks. I always thought squash was expensive. Maybe it's not.

Unknown said...

I like to cube it, toss it with olive oile, salt & pepper, and roast it until the cubes start to turn brown. It tastes like a better version of caramel to me. We jokingly say we're having candy for dinner.

CarrieLovesKeith said...

I love squash too! I recently made this butternut squash chowder from Williams-Sonoma, and it was AMAZING!!!

Here's the link: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe/butternut-squash-chowder.html

Instead of using their crazy-expensive butternut puree, I make my own by roasting a squash or two, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt, pepper and Trader Joe's smoke seasoning. Then puree in the blender or food processor and continue with the recipe. Mmmmm!!!

Unknown said...

amazing! you are my inspiration to eat healthier. i've never ever eaten one of these before.

Anonymous said...

How can a person not love winter squash? Too perfect & delicious. My favorites are probably Kabocha & butternut, but currently I am LOVING delicata. It's pretty & buttery, & the skin gets really tender -- so it's the good kind of edible. I've been roasting cute little half moon slices with ginger & tofu, then throwing in leeks, kale & coconut toward the end -- just long enough for the kale to start to crisp & the coconut to toast.
Your scallop-edged slices are so pretty.

Hannah Nicole said...

Your squash are so cute! I love squash. As in, majorly, majorly love squash. We grab a few butternut squash, slice them in half and place them in a pan in the oven for around an hour at 350. Then we scoop the yumminess out and mash them together with butter and brown sugar. So good -- one of my absolute favorite fall foods! I'd love to read more of your fall recipes. :)

Carrie said...

My whole family loves Giada DiLarentis's (totally botched that spelling I'm sure) Rigatoni with Squash (and Prawns-- but we leave the prawns out). It looks just like Mac and Cheese and tastes amazing. We had it tonight in fact.

But I'm going to a dinner club tomorrow and I'm bringing your acorn squash dish! I'm exciiiited.

sheena said...

@ieatmodestmouse: I'm sure they are edible.....but still pretty tough:)

@emily I got them for a dollar each! Squash are on sale right now in the stores for anywhere from about 75cents-$1/lb.....and I got some pretty big squash for $1.

Melanie said...

I made this yesterday and it was delicious! I used a golden acorn and it tasted pumpkiny and also used a bunch of cracked black pepper. Also, I toasted the seeds like pumpkin seeds and they tasted very similar and yummy!

Avocado Sundays said...

I actually haven't ever eaten squash before which is kind of strange I think. But it looks yum here!


kylie said...

you amaze me! i want to have your skills

Kimmie said...

You're such a wonderful person Sheena!! I love what you stand for (I stand for the same things as well!) Your previous post was PERFECTLY worded!!

I LOVE all kinds of squash...love Hubbard/Banana and I love to bake these until tender, we eat part of it for dinner with just the tiniest pat of butter and salt and pepper. I then use the rest to make pumpkin muffins pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes and I usually freeze a few bags so we can make yummy pumpkin recipes throughout the winter.
(here's 2 yummy things I made up this week: http://pinkcookieswithsprinkles.blogspot.com/search/label/pumpkin%2Fsquash)

I make Zucchini Quiche and Minestrone, baked Spaghetti and Zucchini Bread with Zucchini. (http://pinkcookieswithsprinkles.blogspot.com/2010/09/zucchini-favorites-of-our-family.html)

If you have a small pumpkin, one of our family fall-time favorites is "Dinner in a pumpkin"...SO yummy and SO much fun http://pinkcookieswithsprinkles.blogspot.com/2011/10/kimmie-in-real-life-week-17.html

I could eat squash every day of my life and never tire of it. Looking forward to going to Farmer's Market tomorrow and purchase a few more squash to enjoy some more yummy things!!

Thanks for being such RAY of sunshine in the blogging world and for all of your wonderful things you share with us...you truly are AMAZING!!

Kimmie said...

Here are 2 great recipes for butternut squash that is plentiful this time of the year: http://pinkcookieswithsprinkles.blogspot.com/search/label/butternut%20squash

Happy Squash cooking!! I hope I can find some reasonably priced acorn squash....yours looks absolutely delicious!

breanna said...

that looks amazing! I've shared your post here: http://dollarstoremom.com/2012/01/pinterest-picks-24/

Unknown said...

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