Wednesday, November 9, 2011

day nine

after school
room copy
I am thankful for my little house.
ok ok, most days. let's be honest.
(just don't ask me while I'm making a big dinner)
Now I won't lie--I have to swallow down a lot of unkind words I've said about our house, but at the end of the day, each day, I am very thankful for it's teeny-ness. 
Let me tell you why.

We are always together. 
heehee, like it or not. 
The rooms spill into each other, both architecturally, 
and in  content.
[tiny] kitchen meets "dining room" meets "living room". 
All in one. 
Modge-podged together with photographs and treasures from our grandma's basements.
The toys from the bedrooms leak out and make their way under 
The Table to the secret fort. 
"The Table"
(yes, it's a proper noun in this house)
is used for eating/reading/working/projects/games/
piling random stuff/you-name-it.
It's a gathering place. 

But the best part.....
....late at night, when everyone is sleeping, I hear them. 
Each one. 
The one beside me. 
Charly at the door. 
The boy in his room, and the girl in her's. 
Their tiny breaths of sleep bounce down the hall and into my ears. 
breathe in, breathe out.
And I hear it all from the comfort of my bed. 
Thank you, tiny house.

What are YOU thankful for today?


Hannah Nicole said...

this was so beautiful! oh, I love this so much. Today, I am thankful for birthdays, gluten-free chocolate cake, candles, and memories.

carlotta cisternas said...

this made my heart swell. so, so beautiful. also...loving The Table. so pretty! today I'm thankful for being done with classes for the week, wednesday night church, and hot scrambled eggs with fresh bread for breakfast.

gram said...

... smile....

Moments and Impressions said...

Love these posts filled with thanks. I am too grateful for a small house. The walls close enough to hug you.

Unknown said...

great post.

today I am thankful for airplane travel and for an airplane bringing my husband and I to SLC to visit family. last trip before we become parents!


summer said...

absolutely my favorite one yet!! The Table is dreamy. our house is teeny, too- but loveable. we have to shift things to fit a christmas tree in here :)

this morning i am thankful i can email my husband at work all day.

SHARM said...

I am thankful for my tiny house... I love your posts about everthing about thankful and I like your table very much...

Mar Espinal said...

This post made me smile from the heart...Today I am thankful for keeping my dignity and being able to stand for what I think is right.

Meg said...

gimme the deets on the tufted settee in el background, friend! I lovity love love it!

I whine about my house all the time, too. But put "too coldness", "too smallness" and "too crappy neighborness" aside and it is the best place ever! Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for my home!

Anonymous said...

Your tiny house makes me so thankful for my teeny apartment, and teenier closet bathroom:) I love the pumpkins on the table

Kelly said...

I LOVE your "thankful for" stories. Warms my heart and makes my day. BEAUTIFUL! Those little helping hands were the best part! Thanks for reminding us how "blessed" we all are. "The best stuff in life isn't stuff".

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely room, especially that great table!

SaraBethJ said...

I echo this post. I love my small little brick house for all the same reasons! Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog. Brings a smile to my face every time I read it!