Wednesday, November 16, 2011

inhale. exhale.

sunny afternoon
fallplay2 copyleaves2 copyleaves1 copyfallplay1 copy
can you smell that? 
fallen leaves. 
scattered across the lawn, 
waiting to be scooped up into a pile. 
jumped in. 
buried in. 
tossed back into the air.
do it all again. 
but it's the smell that gets me.....
when I close my eyes and 
it takes me back. 
I am little. 
I see a giant pile of crunchy color, waiting just for me.
I hear squeals of happiness, 
in my memory.
they melt into reality.
I open my eyes from my day dream 
and see my Littles taking the plunge in to the pile of gold.
We throw them in the air, I close my eyes and breathe them in.

I am thankful. 
Thankful to be able to play outside in the sunshine. 
 Thankful for my sense of smell, and how it triggers my brain and makes me remember being little once too.
(It is crazy to see your kids doing things you once did. 
full circle.) 
Thankful for memories. 

We are on day sixteen here of being thankful. 
There are SO many things to be thankful for......we are loving thinking of new things each day.

What are YOU thankful for today?


Brittany said...

love the colors in these photos! your kids are just the cutest

Unknown said...

Love these, love little ones, free spirits <3

gram said...

... memories of five little kids playing in the leaves at gram's house!

Unknown said...

these pictures are beautiful. come take some of my littles please!

today i am especially grateful for healthy children and eternal families. what a blessing i welcomed into my life last week, and watched a friend lose a child yesterday. children are so precious, and being an eternal family is my most precious blessing that i am thankful for today.

Jill said...

your "thankful list" inspired me to make one of my own.

so, today, i'm thankful for you and this lovely little blog of yours that prompted me to count my many blessings.

thank you!


Unknown said...

These pictures are just lovely. I love the autumn so much. And your blog makes me even more thankful for it! It's such a nice idea to have a moment every day to just sit and be thankful. X

Hannah Nicole said...

These photos are just beautiful, Sheena! So fallish and lovely. I'm thankful for cinnamon and sugar toast, get-well-notes from friends, and a family that's helping me recuperate after surgery.

kylie said...

i LOVE that last shot with the feet up - soo adorable