Thursday, March 1, 2012

dear march

jumping for joy because it's march! (san francisco in october), still trying to figure out gardening, 
flowers on their way, and rainbows!
photo 4photo 1photo 2photo 3
March! My long lost friend! 
I thought you'd never get here with February dragging his feet on the way out. 
Extra hours of daylight, the first day of spring......aaaaahhhhh March. 

Dear tulips poking through the ground,
you are a sight for sore eyes! 

Dear Garden,
it's time to get your dirt tilled up, mixed around and prepare you for planting. 
Let's get a few cold weather veggies in the ground....we had enough lettuce to feed the neighborhood last year, and didn't have so much luck (read: zero luck) with broccoli and brussels. 
But we will try again!

Dear Birds, 
we hear you singing! please, please continue. 

Dear Blog, 
I have been so neglecting, I am sorry. 
I promise to do better......maybe. 

Dear Snow,
My kids would still like to build a snowman this year. 
If you have it in you, please hurry and come visit now.....because if you show up later in spring, 
I might have to resent you.

Dear Camping,
I can see you in the near future. 
It has been far too long, and as soon as the desert is a little bit warmer, we will be there!

Dear World, 
ok yeah, I have worn shorts on a few runs. With temps in the 50s I cannot resist. 
But I am so sorry if I blind anyone with the brightness and whiteness of my legs. 
I mean, wow, can I get a little sunshine over here? I'm reflecting.

Dear temperatures in the 50s, you're pretty nice, 
but let's move it up to the 60s for a few days, yeah?

I want to be at your midnight showing and scream like a little girl. 
I am so excited!!!

you are all the rage!! 
I hear about you everywhere I I guess I should dive in, right?

Dear Friends, 
Remember how I was so very nicely nominated for a Best Family Blog award from Apartment Therapy
you can vote for me here if you like
why, thank you.

sincerely yours/lovingly/seriously though, I am so excited for the hunger games movie,



Maria said...

Sheena, you should totally dive into Downton Abbey. I promise you won't regret it! Yay for March!

Maria @ Orchard Bloom

Kirstin said...

Right there with you on the Hunger Games. I've been waiting for March for a lonnnggg time.

HayleySF said...

Downton Abbey is AMAZING and I CAN'T wait fo the Hunger Games premiere! Happy March!

Kimmie said...

Your writing style is the BEST Sheena!! It is always such a treat to read your posts.

Love the photo of you jumping at the are just plain adorable!

SNOW, we just got dumped on up here in Rexburg, Idaho. It always seems to go this way...just before it is the first day of Spring winter decides to come in full force. Oh well, there's nothing you can do to change it so we might as well embrace and enjoy it.

Lucky you that you have tulips poking through. I'm excited for garden time as soon as I can I'm going to get spinach, swiss chard and musclum planted. I planted some garlic last fall before it snowed and I'm excited to harvest it as well. YAY, for gardens and the experience of learning each year from them...this year I'm going to stagger when I plant carrots and beets so we have them all throughout the season and not all at once.

Enjoy the Hunger Games!!!!

Jay Wen said...

I went to Home Depot yesterday and bought a whole bunch of herb/plants seeds. Can't wait to plant stuff too! Im pretty bummed they didn't have tulip bulbs though :(

melissa said...

maybe i should pretend i don't find march repulsive and write a nice post to it. then maybe it will be nice to me? doubt it. march you reek.

ps i was totally into downton last year--well, and this year too, but it got sooooo silly soap opera drag out drama i was just glad when it was over. if you love pretty edwardian/wwI/roaring 20s visuals, though, it's amazing.

ali said...

love downton abbey! troy and i finished 7 episodes of the first season in two days. LOVE it! watch and report...

Kasey said...

Downton Abbey. Do it!

Anna Scandinavian Cottage said...

I'm taking a course in organic gardening at the moment and the lecturer was telling us not to turn the soil because then all the good nematodes will surface and die and you don't want that. Simply put organic fertiliser on top. Try to leave the soil as much unturned as you can, I know, it sounds a bit weird and my fingers will be itching to turn it but I'm gonna give it a try. Oh! And it's finally time to start sowing sweet peas! Can't wait!
Downtown abbey, seriously, you Have to see it!! If not only for the clothes and the hair do's.. I was sooo born in the wrong century..

Bert and Benton said...

Don't wait any longer to watch Downton Abbey! It's the greatest!!! Season 1 is on netflix and season 2 is on for a little while longer

I'm so with you on Hunger Games! I Cannot wait!!!

Hayley said...

So hungry for Hunger Games!!!

And gardening (I get to this year)!!

gram said...

Sheena.. great blog! I just finished watching Downton Abbey... very good! You can watch it on-line on PBS. We had another snow storm yesterday ... no tulips poking through the ground here...

California Girl said...

I love the photo of you jumping for joy!! I'm figuring out gardening this year - all in pots!

fezzik said...

Can I just be a creeper and say I read your blog faithfully and I do not know you? Also one time I saw you at the farmer's market in SL and almost fainted with excitement.

That's all.
You're great.

Rachael said...

You should watch Downton Abbey!! It's such a great show!!!

Lindsay said...

Downton Abbey is the best. Jeff and I just watched it all in the last couple of weeks. Watch it. It's wonderful.

kyleen said...

Ahhh I'd like to build a snowman before winter ends too, but the snow just isn't staying on the ground. And I'm super excited for The Hunger Games. Have you read the books?