Tuesday, March 6, 2012

(un)planning ahead

As many of you know, I have spent the last few years traveling back and forth from here to San Francisco to see a Lyme Disease specialist. Well it was that time of year yet again, and we always try to plan something fun to go along with the appointment......so it's not sooo......Dr-y. We've hit up the city the past few times so we decided to go in another direction this time to explore. 

*side note for those interested: the appointment went extremely well! This has been a suuuuuuuuuper long journey, and we are thinking we may finally be near the end-ish, soon-ish. It's a very good feeling. 
If you happen to have lyme as well, and are looking for treatment, or looking into changing up your current treatment, give me a quick email and I can share some more information. My Drs offer up a good balance of traditional medicine and natural remedies, so if that is your thing, let's talk. We have been so happy with all of their help over the past few years*

After the appointment, we had planned on camping, and since it was a Thursday evening in March, we knew we didn't need to be in any rush to get to our campsite early.
We had no plans, and that's our very favorite place to be. 
Rather than taking the quickest way to our destination, we took to the coast. 
We ate seafood, we made stops. 
one after the other. 
blasting music, and taking our time.
no plans. no schedule. 
just a place we know we will eventually get to, and a slight idea of how to get there. 
This is my absolute favorite way to travel. 
 Here is what it looks like.
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the end.


eden greer said...

I am so happy for the Lyme report also for the super awesome super date for you two!

Brittany said...

what a lovely journey. :) my husband has lyme's, so i know how tough it can be.

Lisa said...

Lovely and very relaxing. The good news about the Lyme's disease probably didn't hurt either.

Ashley said...

Beyond breathtaking. Great news about the Lyme's disease. Wishing you well my dear!

California Girl said...

The Californian Coast is SO beautiful - I love the lighthouse, my favourite place in the UK is a lighthouse on Anglesea. Glad to hear you have good medical care and that you have hope in abundance.. that you share with others.

Unknown said...

That sounds like the most relaxing way to travel. I hate being rushed on a road trip!

Kimmie said...

I just love your photography! I'm so glad you had a great trip! My favorite tip with NO plans was when we took our kids to Yosemite with my in-laws...after 2 days in the park, we parted ways...the kids went on a road trip with their grandparents and my hubby and I had 2 wonderful days with NO plans to explore and enjoy Yosemite...stopping and exploring Tuolumne Grove, hiking up to Vernal and Nevada Falls and since the campgrounds were all filled up we "stealth camped" in our car. It truly was the most FAVORITE of all trips I have taken, because there wasn't an agenda or schedule...the only thing was having fun together as a couple and enjoying and savoring the wonderful beauty of Yosemite and the drive back to our home. LOVED it...it's so fun to see other couples with this kind of adventure in their marriage!!


Have a great week...LOVE the photo of you JUMPING for JOY! Your excitement for life is contagious!

Chelsea Davidson said...

what is your name on instagram?

sheena said...

@chelsea I keep my stream private and just post every now and then to FB....I'm boring like that;)

Hayley said...

looks like bodega bay. am i close? i'm so in love with the nor cal coast and glad old lymey is getting the boot!

cup named grace said...

sheena. so glad you are doing well. i look for updates regarding lymes. you guided us to the doctor and we love them as well. with us living in so cal we have to travel as well and are taking our son for his first trip to san francisco for our visit at the end of the month. thanks for you help in getting us where we need to be and congrats on coming to the end of a very long journey!

Courtney said...

So happy to here the Lyme is going well and I hope you will be done soon. At least you get to go to California every time, not an ugly place to visit.

blue roses said...

california is always so beautiful... i am sure the trips can be tough and have their trials and tribulations, but how wonderful that you get to explore such an amazing state.

love your photos! good luck!


Southern Elle said...

Awe inspiring. There is nothing NOTHING better than California. Homesick.. after only 2 weeks since a visit. I need to go home permanently.

kylie said...

what a beautiful trip! great photos. i especially love the redwood trail running shots - so awesome and rich in color. i'm glad you are doing better with the lyme disease. that makes me happy