Thursday, May 10, 2012

this and that

photos taken by Robby in Pilanesberg, South Africa
more coming next week!
the past few weeks I have ever-so-kindly pushed the internet to the corner (that needs dusting) and just kind of forgot about it (as evidence of my lack of posting).....
....and it's been kind of....
The internet can be an exhausting place! 
And it's all just LOOKING and not enough DOING.
It's nice to go away from it for a while....I recommend it. 
(as a "blogger" am I supposed to recommend that you leave the internet.?...probably not. oh well.)

I think I have an addiction to sunshine.....I can't seem to keep myself inside with the weather so perfect. playing. planting. reading. sitting. anything-involving-sunshine.

I have had some really great ideas for blog posts (just today I was thinking how I really need to write another post about my love for yoga), but thanks to the above two facts......I'm having a hard time getting that done. 

I really, really,  really really love yoga. 
I get giddy every time I unroll my mat, wondering what my practice will bring this time.

I think my kids would LIVE on their bikes if I let them.
 Any extra second of their day is spent on a bicycle.

 Everything tastes better on the grill. pizza. burgers. veggies. fish. 
what are you grilling this weekend?

 The school year needs to be done. I feel us all checking out.....just a few more weeks to go....even the MR. will be done..... FOREVER!!!

Most days, my hair looks like Hagrid's.

I am really obsessed with long skirts.
so so so so comfortable.
It's like pajamas, all day long!

I finally have a camping trip planned. and coming SOON. 

Our farmer's market opens up in less than a month!!!
yes it's on my calendar.

Sunday is Mother's Day!!
Being a mother is the best thing ever in the history of the universe, and I highly recommend it.
It gets better and better every day as I watch and help my Littles grow.
Happy Mother's Day to my own mom! Even after 29 years I still need her to rush down to my rescue every now and then. 

annnnndddd.....I'm checking out again for the weekend. 
Goodbye internet, there's more grilling and hiking to be done. 

What are YOU doing this weekend? Turn off your computer and get yourself outside!

Happy Weekend!


mimi charmante said...

Thank you for the suggestion - I think I shall!
Enjoy and happy mama's day!

Unknown said...

i love this! my husband is finishing up his training this week for his new job so maybe a flight somewhere new? did i mention he has free flights wherever in the world we want to go? i think the computer will get a lot less attention. these pictures are awesome-you still havnt explained the whole africa thing? is amazing.

i love that my girl pulls me outside everyday to enjoy the sunshine! congrats to your husband in completing school! a tap on the back to the both of you!

Unknown said...

AAAnnnnd happy mothers day!!!

kassidi bridge said...

Dito to the sunshine and yoga! We're headed to Santa Fe this weekend, can't wait! One of my favorite places! Have fun grilling and hiking!

Nicki Woo said...

First, I gotta say, I like Hagrids hair. I'm just saying.

Second, my kiddos will be playing softball and volleyball all weekend long, with dapplings of playing in the pool and eating juicey fruits, sweet breakfast breads and yummy mommy day treats.

Fun all around.

Danielle Gossman said...
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The Gossmans said...

I have a little confession, I've been following your blog for about 3 years now! But I just recently found out that you and I have mutual friends. Rhea Loney, and Ryan Baker. :) I grew up with Rhea, and have known Ryan since middle school. Anyways, I'm a big fan. I was wondering if you had a good resource for families who want to start hiking/trail walks? I have two wee little boys, 4 & 1, and I haven't the slightest idea where to look for gear, etc. I don't even know what all we need to start out! We are an outdoors family, but more along the camping/fishing lines. Any help would be appreciated!

CarrieLovesKeith said...

I agree... everything tastes MUCH better on the grill!

We've been grilling nachos. Line a narrow cookie sheet with foil, layer on chips and toppings, stick it on the grill, cover and enjoy smoky flavored nachos!

Unknown said...

Yes, so blessed this year to spend birthday and Mother's Day out of TX and soaking up the sun and cool breezes in Oregon's wine country. And, YES, so ready for the summer since I am the homeschool momma/teacher!