Tuesday, May 8, 2012

worth 1000

Isn't that what they say?
A picture is worth 1000 words.
feelings. senses. memories.

I was able to quickly snap this one photo today,
and it overflows my brain with all the images from our day.

summer on its way.
a breeze.
muddy toes.
dirt. on my fingers, elbows, knees, face.
the taste of it on my lips.
tomato plants....in the ground.
lady bugs.
a butterfly fluttering by.
two Littles patting the earth.
tiny plants that will grow, grow, grow.... taller than their keepers.
If you took ONE picture today, what would it tell me?
challenge: I dare you to take ONE photo today. just one that sums up your entire day, touches every sense, speaks more to you than it may appear at first glance.
It may not be perfectly composed, styled, or thought out........but to YOU, it's perfect.

feel free to post a link here in the comments so we can all see what you do.


Ashley said...

Your blog always brings a smile to my face. Lovely photo.

Leslie Rhodes said...

love this time of year! here is my photo http://leslierhodes.com/almost-here/

Nicki Woo said...

Love this post. It reminds me that my tomato plants are growing but I have yet to put cages around them. . .uuggghh.

And my one pic that stands out to me today is a picture of noodles. . .

Because my brain is a bit fried noodley lately. Funny how that happens. . . .

Love your blog! It makes me happy:)

Melanie Meik said...


My photo of the day. I'm liking the challenge.

Lesley said...

i didn't do the challenge...because i didn't take a single picture today. but, i just wanted you to know this most and picture make me so excited for what lies ahead in life. me

Alexie said...

Here is my picture. http://livyandleif.tumblr.com/post/22761658688/we-have-been-eating-pancakes-all-week-its-the

Courtney said...

I just saw this post today and this is going to be a tough challenge because I feel like I am all over the place but I will try.

Katie said...

I'm doing this all week while my mom is here visiting me in Boston for the first time. Here's the link to Wednesday's picture!


accordingtocarey.com said...

So... thanks to your photo I just realized that I have my tomato cages on upside down. Can you feel me blushing?