Friday, June 22, 2012

friday senses

this post is GIANT.

eating: Last year I posted about raw oats. With all the fresh berries available right now I am back to eating raw oatmeal non stop again. I love them for breakfast, pre or post-workout, or a bed time snack. (yes, I have bed time snacks)
To make raw oats you need 
-raw rolled oats
-any kind of milk (I used vanilla almond)
-any kind of fruit (I used strawberries)
-any kind of nut (I toasted some almonds)
-any extras you want (I added ground flax, chia seeds, and coconut oil)

let your oats soak in the milk for as long as you like--the longer you let them sit, the softer they will get. 
Add your fruit+nuts+extras and you have a great little dish.
harvesting: so many radishes! They are just about done and most have started to flower. I don't even love radishes, but I always plant them because they are the first thing to grow. 
I have been roasting them just like potatoes, and they are really quite tasty. .
Pickled Radishes
I've also been "pickling" them. They aren't official pickles, but they are super addicting to eat this way. I just slice them thin and then cover them in vinegar and add a little salt, a little honey, and maybe a few herbs sometimes. They can sit for about 30 minutes or even over night. They are a great addition to salads, or even good just plain.
also harvesting: We've had some peas here and there, but I planted too late this year so they didn't do so hot. We are just getting our first squash and zucchini....mmmm.....
running: well you guys, I guess now would be a good time to say my goodbyes. You see, I am running in a race tomorrow. A race I have been so so so very excited for-I've been wanting to do it for the last few years. I got in, training was going well, and then my wisdom teeth drama happened and put me out of training for a few weeks (because you can't really call laying in bed watching netflix and eating ice cream, training).....and now it's race time......uh-oh. I have never felt so un-prepared for a run, and it's my biggest race yet. Clocking in somewhere between 17-18 miles (at least that should cover that pie) with 4000+ feet (or so I hear) of elevation gain in the first HALF. hahaha. haha. ha. So it was very nice knowing you all. If I die, please find my children a wonderful, fun, happy, loving mother (but can you make her a little bit ugly;) Did I just emoticon wink? I did.
wanting: a juicer. do you juice? what you you use?
tasting: basil. in my smoothie. That sounds weird, doesn't it? But my sister-in-law recommended it, and let me tell you, it is GOOD.
reading: I finally have a little bit of time to read, I am currently enjoying The Life of Pi. I think I am the last person on planet Earth to read it (I usually am a little late when it comes to books), but I'm so happy I picked it up.
FAQing: I am finally working on a Frequently Asked Questions page! I will let you know when it's done. For camera equipment info check my about page for now.
feeling: so completely in love with summer. I just can't get enough.
celebrating: He is officially DONE with school!! No more papers, no more projects, no more late nights and early mornings. No more class. no more no more!!
riding: I GOT A BIKE! The last time I had a bike was my freshman year of college. I should tell you stories some time about that, because they are pretty great, and I'm surprised I didn't swear off biking. But I am so excited that I have one now! We have been going on family bike rides which just might be my new favorite thing. I'm also excited to get it out on the trails with Robby and see how big of  wimp I have become in my old age.
facebooking: Come follow me on facebook! (HERE!) I often post links to articles as well as quick breakfasts and lunches over there. Feel free to post a link to something you think I might be interested in as well. I want it to be like one big awesome conversation over there. It is also much easier and quicker for me to answer a question over on FB than it is for me to get to it in the comment section here, (which I am trying to be better at that as well)
instagraming: I am asked over and over several times a week where you can follow me on instagram.....and the answer is, you can't. I keep it private--how uncool, and very un-2012 of me, I know. But I have decided that I will share a few favorite shots here each's that?
bedtime stories
making dreams come true: Again thank you so much for taking the time to fill out the survey. I won't be making any huge changes around here, but I did get some really good ideas and plan on adding a little more here and there. For example, I didn't realize how many of my readers are runners (yay!) so I will be sure to post more details on my runs and workouts. If you have any specific running questions I could cover in a post (there were a lot requests for nutrition) ask them here and I will see if I can work them into a post somehow. You also requested more easy lunches and dinners. I don't post a lot of these, only because I like to eat WITH my family, rather than taking time to take a picture, but if you are happy with a quick instagram shot, then I would be happy to share more.
pinning: ok so here is the deal. I really like Pinterest. I like it alot--just like you do. It's so easy to keep track of ideas, photos, and recipes I like. But what I don't like is when I see MY photos that I took being pinned and repinned (oh, 1000s of times) and they don't link back to the source--just some teenager's tumblr. So PLEASE pin with love and kindness and care and all that, and make sure when you are pinning something, that it links back to a credible source.
And as long as we are on the subject, if you see this image floating around (it's evvvvvverywhere right now), and you feel like re-pinning it, could you link it back to it's original post (HERE).
thank you, gracias.

feel free to play along with friday senses in the comments or over on your own blog!
Happy Weekend to You!


Jenilyn said...

if you like radishes you will have to try Radish Top Soup (on all It uses the greens as well as the radish and its one of our favorites. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing and your kids are gorgeous. LOVE the shot of them in the water, they look like best friends :)

Anonymous said...

Sheena, I totally get your frustrations with Pinterest. Not crediting sources appropriately is just the tip of the iceberg with the problems there. According to Pinterest's Terms of Use - you can only pin things you have copyright to, but that's not really how it's set up to work since most people pin others' work. Oh, & once an image is pinned, Pinterest actually owns it; so they can distribute, modify, sell it, etc, etc. I loved Pinterest, but it has too many ethical issues for me to feel good continuing to use it. Sorry about your images. :(

Stacy said...

I am starting to feel very un-2012 myself. I deactivated Facebook, became private on instagram and have become annoyed with Pinterest. Except that, I found your lovely blog through Pinterest. I am starting to feel like my grandmother who says "what do I need a computer for? I have a garden, friends and family". She's awesome.
Happy Friday!

Life On Lanier said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog from Pinterest (I pinned your Beet Chips!). You asked if we juice, and I am just enjoying a glass myself. I have a Breville- juice fountain, it is easy to clean and gives me up to 25oz of juice, which is plenty for myself, my son and a little topper at the end :) I try to mix up my recipes, but typically Carrots, Kale(or other greens) &1 apple(Granny Smiths are very tart I only use 1/2). Then I mix it up with the following....a pinch of ginger root (Seriously it can get too strong so use less than 1inch), a few celery stalks...Here is a link to a few easy ones to start out with... Good luck and Enjoy the Juice Boost!

Hannah Mayo said...

I must try these raw oats! Question: if you eat before a workout, how long do you wait before running? I wake up needing food like right away, but of course I don't want to eat much before going out.
And oh my- I will be sending good thoughts your way tomorrow. You can do it!
I will also be trying basil in my smoothie tomorrow, since my basil has been thriving lately and I have a whole bunch to use :) Speaking of which... pesto recipe? hehe
Life of Pi was so good! I need a new piece of fiction...
Ugh, it makes me so sad when sources get lost on Pinterest. That is a spectacular shot of your kiddos.
And this concludes my random conglomeration of comments...

sheena said...

@hannah: I love the conglomeration:) I usually like to wait about an hour after eating before I run--this works out for me because I have to get ready and then drive to a trail anyway. But it's really what works for YOUR body--just play around with it.

Unknown said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! As long as you don't poo your pants you'll be in good shape ;) but really good luck, you are amazing no wonder you ditched the streets for the trails.

These pics and that pie looks amazing!!

Tiffani said...

I thought of you today because although I am a runner I haven't done much trail running and wasn't sure I would like it because I was afraid of spraining my ankle or even worse running into a snake or something! I am happy to announce that I loved it! I think I am converted! Glad you SURVIVED your big race! You are amazing!

Jean said...

Cool blog! :)

marla {Family Fresh Cooking} said...

Love this recipe! Will be linking back to this in my upcoming post :)