Sunday, June 3, 2012


How are you? We haven't been talking so much lately.....have we? 
This is a power packed much to catch up on.

Starting with:

I am now married to an MBA graduate. IT'S TRUE!!! He did it! We did it!
This weekend was graduation and it was an amazing feeling knowing that we made it through this crazy time in our lives. He still has three weeks of school left (uuuhhh....kind of a buzz kill, right?) but I am almost done with this whole single-mother thing.....yippee!!!
We even got to go on a graduation weekend date.....bonus!
and here is my haggard family after a 17 hour long ceremony.

I have a five year old. FIVE!!! How do babies grow up and turn five? It should be illegal.
. ..
Her cake was chocolate cake layered with whip cream, chocolate buttercream, and strawberries. 
(basically this cake)
(last year's ruffly cake here)

I ran the Timpanogos Trail Half last weekend (which actually clocked in for me at 13.7 miles)  
I ran it last year, and apparently I forgot how insanely steep sections of that trail, straight up. OH. THE. BURN. calves. quads. buns. all on fire. this race pooped me out, but it was a great run. The UP was exhausting, but I pushed and pushed and pushed and felt strong all the way dooooowwwwn the giant mountain. 
My kids chased me through the finish line and then we all collapsed.
I wore the boy's camelbak, and while it was't 100% ideal for me (I would like wider straps, a bottom strap, and pockets on the straps) actually worked out ok. 
I ended up getting 4th place for women (only 39 women in the race), and while the course was be completely honest, I left wanting a little more. Everyone in this race was so quiet. No one really talked during the race, or even after. Everyone really kept to themselves, which was so different than last month's race in Moab, where I felt like we were all a team. So my advice to you if you are out on the trails--say hello! Tell someone they are doing an awesome job. 
You are all in it together, so why not make a party out of it?


Speaking of running, my Saturday (early early) morning run looked like this:
AMAZING! We climbed up 4000ft. 
as much as I love to sleep in, early early morning runs are the best because:
-not so many mountain bikes to run you over
-cool temps
-the rattlesnakes are still sleeping, so when you come within an inch stepping on them, (aaaAAAAaAAhHHhhhhHHh!!!!!!!) they are too lazy to sink their fangs into your chicken leg.

annnnd last, and totally least:
My wisdom teeth are coming out Thursday. 
all of them.
oh. man. 

Please tell me I will live. 
I am so bummed out because I am missing out on opening day at the farmers market this weekend.....will you go for me?

I think that's it.....well.....some if it anyway....I just found out it's already June....what?!

What have YOU been up to?


jacs23 said...

yay for graduation!!! AND congrats on the run...way to come in #4 -- you inspire me!! :) as for the wisdom teeth, i have had all of mine out, and didn't swell, hurt, nothing. promise! I even worked at a dental office for two years and saw maybe one patient who had a bad experience (& we had at least 3 wisdom teeth surgeries a week) -- soo...i am going to be that annoying girl who says: you can do it!! it really is NOT that bad....just do NOT use straws or suck for the first week -- that will be'll be up and running (literally) before you know it...but DO give yourself time to heal, so....even if you feel 100% better the next day (believe me, it's been known to happen) do NOT push it...REST. please, please REST --- you will be happy you did and this surgery will be water under the bridge. :) Sending you prayers for an easy peasy withdraw of the teeth and an uber fast recovery! ><>

Darcee said...

Such a busy life you've been leading!! Looks like you are enjoying yourself.

As for your wisdom teeth, you'll be fine. I had mine out a few years back, and survived. Take the drugs to sedate you.....just do it!!! Do NOT try to make it through with nitrous and numbing only. I have a huge tolerance to pain, but dental work freaks me out. So I opted to be knocked completely out. I am so thankful I did. Good luck!!!

Busy on our end as well. End of year school things for the kids, work for this mama, gearing up for our vacation back home (Iowa), next week. I'll be there with the kids for 11 days, and then I leave them with their grandparents and don't see them for 2 weeks. 2 loooooong weeks. I've never been away from them that long:( Oh, and my oldest graduates from eighth grade on Friday. I can't believe I'll have a high schooler next year. I will cry, you can count on that.

Becky said...

Congratulations(!!!) on the graduation! Those are some spectacular pictures from your run. It almost (ALMOST) makes me miss Utah. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on everything mentioned in this post! And you will survive getting your wisdom teeth out, I had mine out a year ago and though I had a fat face for several days and a numb lip for a long time after, it is all good now :)

Faith said...

congrats to you and your hubby! actually your whole family! so exciting.

you and your family are beautiful. you have gorgeous hair!

and wow, about the run. you are inspiring!

whitneyingram said...

Viva los Roberto! I know how much this graduation means to you. Happy day for the Jibson familia!

What has been going on around here? I feel like I should update you because I haven't seen you in so long. I have completed 94 of my recipes and I have 31 left to go. I tam thinking things are going to fly by from here on out.

Now that school is out, ours days aren't ruled by the school bell. J Dawgs, Rock Canyon Park, baseball practice, neighborhood marshmallow roasts, popsicles, swimming, grilling. We are such a cliche over here.

And also, I feel like I should brag. Sheena! I have lost almost 20 pounds! It's true, I have! It has been hard, but so worth it to have to buy smaller pants. I tell you because I know you would cheer me on.

Lori Folkman said...

I have to say I'm terribly disappointed: I saw the post title and I thought you would have a recipe for homemade ketchup. Drats. I really wanted to make some. JK! You guys have been busy lately! Congrats to the hubs and the little woman for turning 5!

Sara Jane said...

Hi! I love you blog, and your kiddos are just darling. I had my wisdom teeth out in high school, and I have one recommendation. Do not consume anything that might upset your stomach. Vomiting with stitches in your gums is the worst.

eat mashed potatoes, but turn the spoon upside down in your mouth to avoid sucking on the spoon like a straw.

Also, try putting damp teabags in the back of your jaw to help with swelling.
Good luck! You'll be fine.

Shannon said...

Congrats to you and Robby! That's so so exciting! Woohoo for finishing up such a big accomplishment.

I got my wisdom teeth out a few years ago and it was rough for the first 2 days then I was just hungry. My advice . . . find someone to just take your kids for the first 2 days or have Robby home AND stock your fridge with soft foods you like such as yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc. You won't feel like cooking but you'll get hungry for something different after the first couple of days. It took about a full week before I could eat normal food again, but I did survive and I'm a huge wuss, so I'm sure you will be just fine. :) Good luck!

Leanne said...

Heeeey, I get to have my wisdom teeth out TOO on the 22nd. Yaaaaaay. Good luck to you...I'm anxious to hear how it goes--hopefully it will give me some hope. :D

laura d said...

wisdom teeth: get the IV anti-swelling whatever it is. don't go crazy the day after or day three you'll look like a chipmunk and regret it. Ice packs feel awesome and drink lots of fluids. and get sedated for the procedure. it ends up being way easier than you think. good luck!

kylie said...

you are a machine woman! so insanely talented at EVERYTHING! its a bit unfair. but i appreciate your humility despite it :) you are gorgeous.

Unknown said...

wahooo congrats to your husband-and congrats to you on making it through it with him!! school is ridiculously hard but I think it was my favorite part of my life last year living in Colorado as poor college students.

great job on the race!!

happy birthday to your little girl. man where does the time go? kids grow up way to fast.

tanalicious said...

yay all around. except boo for the wisdom teeth. seriously do NOT use a straw. in high school i got a "dry socket" (but i swear i didnt use a straw) and it KILLED. so do whatever they say.. lets have a water party for the kids. mine would love it!

Hayley said...

soooo happy for you guys! what an awesome accomplishment! go rob! go you!

sorry in advanced for the chipmunk cheeks and painfully bad breath that is coming your way. boo!

Hayley said...

oh yes, and dear little-big girl, happy birthday!

this means mine will be five soon too! agh!!!

Rachael said...

Congratulations to your husband!! That is fantastic news.
And whoo-hoo to you for 4th place in the race! That is awesome. Whenever I see runners, a part of me wishes to run, and another part of me just gets tired!
And aww, your daughter is five!! One little girl I know is turning five soon, and it's pretty crazy how fast they grow! And that looks like good birthday cake too! Yum :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the wonderful things that have been coming your way! What exciting times... As for your teeth, yes, you will live :) I had mine out last year (after putting it off for 10 years), and it ended up being nowhere near as bad as I thought. In fact, due to all the drugs they give you, the experience itself was actually kind of enjoyable. You'll be fine! Now that my teeth are out and the sockets healed, I really feel like my life has improved. I didn't realize just how much trouble those four teeth were causing until they were gone... Good luck!!

Unknown said...

Love your hair in the picture with the beautiful purple skirt! I have similar thick, curly hair but can't seem to make mine look so effortlessly pretty. How do you manage?

Brecca said...

hi- just came across your blog and i was wondering where your favorite trails are? where's a good place to start? (i run long distance already) thanks!