Friday, June 29, 2012

friday senses....!

this post is brought to you by 700 exclamation points!
eating: stir fry. This was my pre-race dinner last week.
I love dishes like this because it's so easy to cook up whatever veggies I have on hand, and we have a quick and healthy meal. Sometimes I add chicken.....sometimes I don't.
Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry with Wild Rice
Stir-fry some chicken (cut in to small pieces) in a little bit of coconut oil. 
Remove from pan after cooked all the way through. 
Add some more coconut oil if needed, and a little bit of sesame oil to the pan, and sautee' veggies. 
I used:
-broccoli greens
-bell pepper
-summer squash
when veggies start to get tender, add:
 -grated ginger
-minced garlic 
-chopped scallions
-pinch of red pepper flakes
-soy sauce
-juice of a couple limes.
Add the chicken back in and cook for a few more minutes.
Serve over your favorite rice and top with chopped basil

wishing: We recently took a little drive over the mountain to Midway, and I know that I need to live soon as possible. Do I have any readers out there? How can we be neighbors? Anyone want to rent/buy The Little Red House? Wait, I am a little bit serious. 
Move in now and you will have 1 bazillion tomatoes come August.
"whistle while you work"
alternative title "child labor is the best"
alternative title "why I should have 10 children"
yoga-ing: I attempted firefly for the first time this week. While I was surprised that I even got lift off, how in the WORLD are you supposed to get your legs straight???!!! wow. not even close. 
smelling: fires. Our whole pretty state is on fire, it's so sad. PLEASE everyone be careful and cautious and smart and not idiots with your campfires and fireworks next week!
harvesting: One week ago I found this teeny yellow cherry was hiding. 
I ate it all by myself. It was warm from the sun. 
Sunday we had one of our tomatoes on our burger
We had two little ones's starting!
also harvesting: so apparently broccoli takes forrrrrrrrrrrrrever to grow. 
And it doesn't help that I also planted late (first year for trying broccoli). We finally have the teeniest tiniest most adorable broccoli that we are waiting on. But for now I've been chopping up the leaves and sautéing them for dishes like the stir fry above (the leaves are alot like collard greens)
anticipating: cousins coming! we love cousins! 4th of July! such a fun time of year. 
someone pinch me.
making: tie-dye.......nothing white is safe......I am ready to douse everything in color. 
(how-to coming next week on the blog)
reminiscing: this time last year we were packing up and headed to the Redwoods. 
We played among giants (here)
+rw7 copyrw3 copy 
and celebrated the 4th of July on the beach (here). summer.beach33 copyeach29 copy
aaaahhhhhh memories.
planning: our family road trip for this year, happening later on this summer. CANADA! 
Anyone been to Banff? Lake Louise? Where do we eat? What should we do? We are so excited! 
I was born to roadtrip.
Bribing: I mean, Rewarding: My kids. We are doing a reading chart, and with minutes read, they earn prizes. So far we've gone to Frogurt, and I'm about to owe them a movie at the dollar theater. 
I love this stuff.
Working Out: I've had another question asked quite often about my weekly "training" schedule and what types of workouts I do. I'm not sure the best way to post that--it really varies week to week, depending on our family schedule and what I can get in. I would rather be undertrained than hog up all our family time. I suppose for now, I can post it here, and maybe do a post every now and then to talk more does that sound?
This week I took it pretty easy since I just raced. Although I wanted to keep moving to get my body stretched out. I also have no races on the schedule right now--the rest of our summer is pretty full of family and fun, so I'll just be working to maintain.
Mon-4 mile family bike ride. Tue-Hot Vinyassa. Wed-my favorite circuit class at our gym. It's weights and cardio and it kills me every time. I even got some sprint work in. Thurs-NOTHING! Fri-Hot Vinyassa. Sat-I'll be on the trail bright and early--probably 8 miles or so. Sun-I always rest on Sundays:)

feel free to play along with friday senses in the comments or over on your own blog! 
Happy Weekend!


Rebecca said...

I enjoy reading your blog and was happy to hear that you are coming up to the Canadian Rockies. I live in Canmore (20 mins east of Banff) and would be happy to answer any questions you have. There are so many good places to eat and so many amazing things to do. If you wish, email me at and I'll see what I can do to help.

whitneyingram said...

Ooooh, it looks like you just found a goldmine in Rebecca.

Hayley said...

sooo we are totally tie-dying too! i have all the stuff and have just been trying to get my nerves up to do it.

gobbled up 4 grape tomatoes last week super hot from the sun and all to myself...bliss

Angela said...

I know you already have someone who can help you trip plan, but if you get a chance, go to Jasper. . . we walked right out of our car and 10 minutes later we were standing on a glacier looking down cravasses. . . .I think you can explore as far as you want on it too. Pretty amazing!! Lake Louise is beautiful, but we had a really hard time finding camping and ended up at a campground next to the freeway (the road through the park is a freeway) and could hardly sleep for all the traffic!

Elise said...

ooh! i'm still waiting on my tomatoes!

Here are my senses:

Carey said...

Great post, I'm really liking your updates lately, perhaps since you had the survey, i like the variety.

Laura said...

We honeymooned in Banff/Jasper but I'm afraid we rushed our trip a bit and didn't get to see nearly all the good stuff. I recommend the ink pots hike {Johnston Canyon} and the Banff Hot Springs and Moraine Lake. Wish we had spent more time there. We saw mountain goats by the side of the road! And glimpses of a big bear.

We also rafted down the Kicking Horse river on our way up from Idaho -- FUN!!

We haven't had enough heat to get many tomatoes this summer. Boo. you're taking it all. *wink* It's OK. But don't post too many incredible photos of yellow cherry tomatoes. I might gobble the screen.

Family bike ride? Do your kids ride along on their own bikes? Can't WAIT for that. Our 3er isn't quite ready. :) He still rides in the bike trailer.

Love all your pics and tidbits, as always. :) Cheers!

Briana said...

We've lived in Midway for four years and we love it! You would love living here- it's right up your alley.

Love your blog!

Emily said...

What camera do you use? Your photos are you use a photo editing program?.....thanks :)

Ally said...

i love your blog - i love how intimate it is, it feels like we can share into your life! i am inspired by everything you do... happy saturday!

Rosa Rivero said...

I am so excited you are coming to our neck of the woods (literally). I live in Calgary so Banff and Lake Louise are common visits on weekends.

The mountains are awesome so you'll have no shortage of hiking trails.

To eat, I have two recommendations:

lunch @ Lake Louise: The Fairmont hotel in Lake Louise is a must visit and they have many eating spots. The cafe is not very good but my recommendation is the "Lakeview Lounge" inside the hotel. They have a ciabatta bun filled with grilled chicken, fig jam, apple slices, arugula and brie that it's to die for! and they accommodate many dietary restrictions

dinner @ Banff: We really enjoy Giorgio's trattoria. All their food is great but please try their dessert: it has coconut and condensed milk with a brownie bottom, it's so sweet that you need to share it with at least 2 people but totally worth it!

hope you enjoy your time here!


sheena said...

@emily check out my new FAQ page:)
link on the sidebar

David Franklin said...

Photos are stunning ! Even the whole post too :) Keep it up ! and please give us some more Easy Recipes also

Rachelle said...

my sister's husband is from midway. their wedding reception was there and then they even lived there two different times. its beautiful!

they got so sick of how expensive homes were though. they eventually moved down in your neck of the woods because they couldn't afford a home there.

but if you can buy one, do it!

lntu said...

Love your blog! Quick question - does using coconut oil change the flavor of your stir fry significantly? I've never thought of using it before!

sheena said...


Not significantly. It's just a faint taste that some might not even notice. I think it compliments stir fry:)

Anna said...

I am going to Lake Louise for my friends wedding in 10 days. I'll let you know how it goes!

Unknown said...

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