Monday, December 3, 2012

decking the halls

We still have boxes unloaded from wall to wall, unpacking Christmas cheer,
but we paused this afternoon to create a little art.
We LOVE to paint, and I always pick up the cheap canvases when they are on sale at the craft store so we can create art that will last for years and years.
I just asked them to paint me something Christmasy, and I absolutely love what they gave me. 
They were exactly what we needed above our Christmas Village (the village Robby grew up with, on top of his grandparents stereo!).
All you need for your own Christmas art is blank canvas, craft paint, and creative little hands.

happy painting!


Cassidy N said...

Such a cool idea! :) I always love your posts!

Ashley said...

You are such a fantastic mama!!

summer said...

dreamy. love your cuties with their creations, love that you aren't afraid to put a couple holes in your walls (i need to learn from you), love that it all sits atop the stereo!! I constantly wonder what happened to my Grandma's Christmas village :(

Emily said...

Having found this lovely blog via your stunning photos on Instagram, I just wanted to say hello. Thanks for sharing these special moments. Greetings from Derbyshire.

Sarah said...

That is adorable! And now I want to paint.

Anonymous said...

So adorable! So sweet!

Melissa said...

Talented (and cute) kiddos you have there.. Kid art is the best! :)