Monday, April 1, 2013

meet the ladies

I have to start out by saying this:
Taking pictures of little chicks is a hilarious event. 
And sooooooo fast.
It was very entertaining.
We are pretty excited about our girls. 
I have been wanting chickens for quite some time, and moving out here finally made my chicken dreams come true. We had the hardest time only leaving the feed store with five....they are just so cute, and I felt like all their "peep peep peeping" were cries of "pick me! pick me!"

It will be quite sometime before we get to feast on their colorful eggs, but in the meantime we will enjoy them as pets and admire their quirky personalities. And they are growing so fast!! I can't believe how quickly their little feathers are coming in. Soon we will have awkward ugly teenagers.

So sweet and mellow. Always snuggled up next to one of her sisters to sleep.

She's an olympian. Ridiculously quick and impossible to catch--even being so little.

(named by my girl. she is in LOVE)
 So sweet. Loves to be held. Starting attempting to fly out of their box already. yikes.

(named by my boy.....he's realllly into Harry Potter right now, obviously)
Another sweet little girl. Maybe part woodpecker....she is constantly pecking at the side of their home. 
alllll night long, mind you.

Wilma is the loudest little bird I have ever come across. Constantly peeping and squaking. 
Loves to stand on her sisters.
They are currently in a giant box (in our house) with a heat lamp, but we'll be moving them into something with a roof soon, to avoid any escapes. It will be a few more weeks of growing, and warmer weather before they can go outside (oh, and we should probably get their coop ready....)

Things I've learned so far:
They never stop pooping
They never stop peeping....such chatty little girls.
I was prepared for them to grow fast.....but I can't believe how much they have changed in just the few days we've had them.

Are you getting baby chicks this spring?
Do you have chickens? What can you tell me?
I have found this website to have lots of answers to lots of questions.


Hook, Line and Sink Her said...

What adorable names you've chosen. I love that they are all so different too! Enjoy them when they are teeny tiny (although I am quite looking forward to seeing photos of them as awkward teenagers :) ) xx

in dreams said...

look at all their personalities!! you did a great job capturing just makes me want to raise chickens even more now! :)

Kaylan said...

We have had two chickens this past year and are increasing our flock this year- where we live the shipping areas as really limited so we actually had to order 25 as it's the min order for most companies that ship chicks. So it will be quite the adventure and we probably won't be able to name all of them! We used to help find the breeds we wanted- they have other info too. Yay baby chickens!

Eleanor said...

My father in law built a coop and just got his first chicks too. It is incredible how fast they change and grow!
I'm totally jealous of both of you - I would love to raise chickens, but somehow I don't think it would fly in the 'burbs.

Monica said...

I love these photos. The ones with the little helping hands are adorable!! said...

Im dying right now!!!! I want chickens so bad...we housesat in New Zealand for a couple weeks and had to take care of their chickens and ever since then I have been IN LOVE. I am so excited to hear about your chicken raising adventures!

Kasey said...

My first thought when I saw the pics was, "I wonder how many times she had to clean poop off of that white table during the photo shoot." ;O I had to leave town when they were 4 weeks old. I didn't even recognize them when I got back a week later. And my husband had kept them all alive. :)

We have 7 girls that turned 1 in Feb. They are the best egg layers! They all started to lay between 5 - 6 months. I love my assortment of colored eggs.

I also love the names you picked. Ours are: Roxy - Barred Rock
Dottie - Silver Laced Wyandotte
Olive - Ameraucana
Alice - Ameraucana
Weeza - Welsumer
Minnie - Maran
Buffy - Buff Orpington

kylie said...

oh my heck these are so darn cute. chicks are the best! we raised chickens growing up. nothing more rewarding than your own eggs and chickies to name. ours were the dixie chicks :) (i was a fan at the time...)

Hayley said...

Oh you make my heart ache for chicks again!

Then I do remember the peeping and the pooping.

Eggs are the greatest reward!!!

Jaime said...

Oh how I love my chickens! We got some about 7 months ago--5 like you did.
Two Ameraucanas (Amy and Connie)--one lays brown eggs and one lays green
A Silver Laced Winged Wyondotte (Whinnie--MESSY eater!)
Black Austrolorpe (Ebony)
A Buff Orpington (Honey due to color and also personality--so sweet and smart).
Anyway, we love them. I thought we'd love their eggs but I love their eggs AND them. They do poop A LOT, and it gets all over the yard because I like to free range them (their eating all of our pesky bugs), but oh well. So worth it. :)
Here's a link to some pictures I've posted of the chickens, their eggs, and their coop:

Rania {Rowan Tree} said...

Oh my they're adorable! I love Hermione, so cute! I hope'll Always be in to Harry Potter - like me, those books <3

You've manage to capture all birds so well, great pictures! I want to come and cuddle with them!

Sheridan and Rose said...

Hi! My parents have chickens in their back garden, they're great but it's a full time job protecting them from the foxes!
Also,on a completely different topic, would it be ok if I used a photo of your almond coconut cupcakes on my blog? I'm doing a post on all sorts of coconut cakes and yours look delicious!
Sophie x

Camilia Lund said...

What kind of chickens are these?

Courtney said...

That was such a cute post Sheena.

Unknown said...

Those chicks are all so cute. I'm loving all their names. <3

Meg said...

I'll never forget Quincy watching her baby chicks in their box house for the first time once we got them home. The peeping was NON STOP. She watched lovingly and smiled.

For about 30 seconds.

Then she scrunched up her nose and covered her ears and said in a voice that sounded EXACTLY like Kevin from home alone when he finally faces the furnace,

"shut uuuup."

mother of the year!
It was tender. ;)

Ours just turned two! They are awesome and I love them so much I could eat them up.

But I won't.

Eleanor, Goldie(licious), Penny, Scout, and Nugget wish you good luck on your adventure!

Get your coop ready. They grow quickly. be warned, adolescence is awkward for all species. They'll be like hormonal teenage girls and go temporarily crazy for a week.

Congrats! Backyard hens are the best pets! I love when they follow me around the yard and come when I call them.

Lillian said...

LOVE THESE!!! We're getting them in the next month or so and this just made me so so happy:)