Thursday, April 11, 2013

someday summer
I'm looking out my window, watching the mountains mound with snow.
It melts before it can reach us, so it falls to the ground as rain instead.
The sun is trying to shine, peeking through cracks in the clouds.
It's cold. 
Blankets are piled on the floor in every room.
We'll have curry for dinner. Extra spicy.
Last week we caught a glimpse. Of summer. 
The sun was warm. 
The day, long.
My mind raced with summer thoughts. 
backyard bar-b-ques.
warm evenings under a billion stars.
exploring mountain tops.
dirty feet. and hands. and faces.
swimsuits all day.

It will happen.....someday. Right?


Toni said...

I hope so. (Fingers are crossed) we are getting blown away today in idaho.

sarah nadine said...

my hope is the same as yours ... we've got big flakes falling today in calgary, alberta.


Unknown said...

move to az, its a sunshine sidewalk chalk type of day... beware though the summers are hell, literally.

Courtney said...

Dear Lover of Summer,

The images of your new undisclosed location look suspiciously like the "Wasatch Back." I happen to live on the Wasatch back also and I'm sorry to report that spring and summer will both be later and shorter than "down below." However, the benefits of living in such a locale completely outweigh a few more weeks of warmth. No inversion, no traffic, no Super Walmart (well, you might actually have one,) wonderful neighbors, etc. It will take some getting use to, but only a few years ;)


A Mountain Green Mama