Friday, April 19, 2013

so sweeeeeeeeeet

photo from strawberry and honey jam last year
Cookbook photos are sent!
I just can't believe it.....

It's Friday!
After late nights all week I can't wait to sleep least a bit.
I was hoping to get a garden area going tomorrow.......but it looks like it might be snowing. again.....
oh well. 
I'll hit the trail anyway. 
We've been re-watching Arrested Development to get ready for the new episodes in May (so excited!). 
We'll probably eat at the little local Mexican restaurant....
And we'll be marking up the calendar with summer campouts.
It's going to be a good one.

Happy Weekend!
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Tonielise said...

Counting down the days till Arrested Development.....Happy Weekend!!

Kasey said...

We are re-watching Arrested Development, too. Love it!

Triple runs this weekend....2 weeks from relay. Woot!

gina said...

Was it Tarahumara?? That place has a gazillion salsas!