Wednesday, August 20, 2014

back again.

that time of year. again. it seems to come quicker and quicker each time.
our summer passed in a flurry of campfire smoke and late night ice cream eating....but all good things must come to and end I suppose (although I predict many more late nights with ice cream eating in our future). I have such a hard time with school starting each year. It means our summer freedom is over, but it also means my babies are growing. And growing and growing and no matter how much I protest, they don't seem to stop. I still remember dropping them at preschool for a few hours a week....and now they are practically teenagers! Ok.....I guess not....but still--they are just too big.

They were completely ecstatic for the start of this year. These two share a room and an hour after they were supposed to be sleeping they were still giggling and carrying on....I could FEEL their giddiness. They bounced out of bed in the morning--no problem at all. We ate pancakes and peaches, and they quickly dressed in the clothes they'd picked out days ahead of time.

Slow down guys....just a little bit.



Helpful Links
Minnetonka Boots. She had a pair of these last year and we LOVED them. They held up through the entire school year--rain and snow included. 
Boys Adidas Sneakers


likeschocolate said...

They are getting so big! It looks like you had an awesome summer full of adventure!

Unknown said...

This summer just flew!! I feel I am saying that more and more (suppose it is a getting older thing) ... love the pictures and I agree with the reader above, your kids are getting so big! Cheers to another school year!

melissa said...

i always like to see your back to school pictures. such cute and cool kids. it was fun to see you all on sunday looking so dapper! ps calvin loves his pictures; he won't let me throw them away. and i am impressed with the details (did you see the clouds jonah drew? they're so cool.) xxoo

Unknown said...

I loved this post . . . took me back to my own kids ends of summer :(