Thursday, August 14, 2014

friday senses

.... a little catch-up from the last month....

seeing: back to school EVERYTHING. new shoes, backpacks, pencils, crayons, all over my house. The dreaded time has finally come......NO! I'm just not ready....I'm in mourning and we are eating lots of ice cream. I know I know--we still have a good month and a half of nice summery weather around here, but it's just not the same once school starts....who's with me?!
celebrating: speaking of school, I finished up my summer classes! Woohoo for no more math!! I have had my nose in a math book for the past two weeks and I've had math jargon and word problems and interest rates and parabolas haunting my dreams at night. It feels SO good to be done.
anxiously awaiting: I have a week break and then I hop right back into class. Anatomy and chemistry this time--they will keep me busy but I'm excited to dive in. and nervous. but mostly excited....
anniversary-ing: Robby and I hit the big 1-2 in July...TWELVE!! We spent an evening out on the town like real adults, and saw Wicked--I HIGHLY recommend it! I can close my eyes and it seems like it was just yesterday that two crazy kids got married and tried to figure out how to be grownups together. I think of all we've been through--all the moves, our awesome kiddos, 1000s and 1000s of roadtrip miles....and I'm so happy about all we have accomplished in our funny little life together.
hug hug, kiss kiss, little hug, big kiss.
dating: every summer the kids head to grandma and papa's for a week and Robby and I squeeze as many dates in as we can. We hit a handful of our favorite restaurants (order the fig pizza HERE!) and spent a good amount of time on the trail. We climbed Twin Peaks, which rises above the Salt Lake valley at 11,328ft--it's a 5100ft climb in 4 miles, which = ridiculously tired legs. But it was well worth the pain and so fun to get out and get dirty together. Some of you may remember the last time we attempted Twin (HERE)....there were no injuries this time--there was a giant bull moose, but we all came out of it ok.
and look at the view!
running: I had a lapse of judgement last month and signed up for a 50k....ha! I have been getting out and enjoying some long runs on Saturdays, but I'm anxious to step up my training a bit once the kids are in school. I just can't resist these trails...
montana-ing: we spent a few days along the river in Montana with my family last week. We played in the water, explored a ghost town (more on that soon), and spent and afternoon digging for crystals. You know, because Montana is the best. 
loving: Lu and her fascination with gross bugs. You guys HAVE to check out
Tomboy Vintage shirts. They are the cutest for your girls (and they have adult tees too!) I have the hiking tee and it's super soft and the fit is perfect--I really love a good T-shirt. We were happy to find and support this little company promoting rough and tumble girls--check them out!
devouring: every bite of summer fruit we can get our hands on, and our new favorite Kodiak Cakes. Now you all know that I am a "from scratch" kind of girl, but I am seriously loving this pancake mix. They are whole grain--nothing artificial in them at all, they are super easy to make (add water! and I usually toss in a few eggs). I like the Power Cakes--they have whey protein and these are my new favorite fuel before my long runs. I usually make up a big batch so we have left-overs for a few days. They are so good with coconut oil, fruit, and a little maple syrup or honey.
(some Costcos carry them and most Targets do:)

It's almost weekend! Get out and making the most of it!


gram said...

was that a Helgamite Lu was holding?

Sarah Beth said...

I would have to agree. Montana is the best!

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