Wednesday, February 24, 2010

found today

-two dainty little flowery shaped bowls
-one little spice-ish looking jar
-"all about birds"
-a very cute children's book, with equally cute illustrations
-a HILARIOUS book on housekeeping (published in 1947)....boy am I feeling behind in my housekeeping skills. or lack there of. I will be sharing a few pages out of this one soon!
-one chair for our chairless table. I plan to paint it....someday.
the end.


cara lou said...

Ooo! Nice finds. I swear, thrifting in your neck of the woods is a million times better than in mine. :(

I can't wait to see some of that housekeeping book! I love that stuff. I've collected a few etiquette and manners books from late 1800s - early 1900s and they are THE BEST.

summer said...

be still my heart. what beauties! we are definitely on the same page, miss. darling dessert bowls.. glass jars.. vintage children's books! lovely wooden chairs! oh yeah. totally. am green with envy.

Unknown said...

LOVE THE VINTAGE FINDS...I'm all about the thrifts

banananutmeg said...

oh I can't wait for the housekeeping posts. You'll have to post quotes side by side with contradicting photos.

ali said...

I'm with cara! You have some seriously good thrifting! are you sure you're not going to one of those awesome thrift stores where everything is expensive and cool?

sheena said...

ali....everything was $11!

gram said...

... maybe you don't want want to paint the chair.. it looks to be in good shape.. maybe just a clear polyurethane.(sp).. it might be an antique..

Anonymous said...

You are so fortunate to have found those books! I keep telling my husband that I wish we had kids so that I can actually justify buying all of the vintage children's books and toys that I'm forever eyeing.