Thursday, February 25, 2010

something to chew on...

I can't tell you how much I appreciated all your comments on my food post! I'm so happy to know that so many of you are on the same page.....we can do this together!!

I just want to take a minute to talk to those of you who think that you CAN'T do it. Maybe you think you're too far gone?? Let me tell you about a girl I used to know.

She could eat a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger meal (um, that's TWO cheesburgers, super sized fries AND drink), without blinking an eye.

Her first semester at college, she always had a supply of cookies in her cupboard......not fresh baked cookies. Not even a good Mint Milano. Nope, the cheapest, stalest store brand cookies she could get. No time for dinner or lunch? A few cookies would do, or maybe a Little Debbie Swiss Roll.

Her second semester, this girl and her roommate decided they could save money if they went in together on their groceries. They took turns buying chips, jarred salsa, canned chili, and cheese. (and a few other "necessities" like sugar smacks and a frozen pizza...or even rolls).

They had nachos every day for lunch. Every. Single. Day. Straight home from math class, whip up the nachos.

She teased her other roomie (love you court) for eating healthy...

I-----er----I mean, this girl I knew, came just short of the famous "freshman 15", and stopped at 12 extra pounds, and somehow did not go into cardiac arrest before her 19th birthday (did I also mention she had no problem downing a giant Jack in the Box burger AND shake at midnight?)

So where is this girl now? 400 pounds, living alone (except for her cats) with the pizza guy's number as her emergency contact?

No. She's right here...(surprise!) Somehow she survived, and can laugh about the round faced nacho loving girl she once was.

So you IS possible--believe me, ANYONE can do it!

You just have to start SLOW. It can't all be done at once.

I started turning things around after Robby and I got married. I had to learn how to cook--that's what wives do, right??

I fell in love with the food network, and learned a few recipes. We were dirt poor, so lucky for us, we couldn't even afford to eat out, which helped kick the fast food habit.

Then my babies came. Have I ever told you how amazing I think it is that our bodies were made to feed our own little babies?? IT'S AMAZING I SAY!!! I started to make sure everything that was going into MY body was something I wanted passed on to my baby.

With each babe, I learned a bit more, and tried to be a little bit healthier.

I slowly started making the switch to organic a little over a year ago.

And I'm still studying and researching and tyring new things all the time. Eliminating things here, adding a few there.

Isn't that what life is all about?? Learning? Becoming better?

I hope you can all make a teeny tiny change here, and and itty bitty one there....just to see how far it can take you....I think you'll be surprised.

I know that cookie-eating -midnight-grease-loving college freshman never ever EVER thought she'd be gathering up ingredients to make sweet potato patties and a nice side salad....if she can do it, you can too!


good luck.


A Beautiful Life said...

ooh, the new table makes a lovely backdrop! Thanks for the encouragement, too bad we can't eat like the good ol' days eh?'s true you can start anytime, I do well all day and then after dinner or right before i eat more than i should but 90% healthy is better than not healthy right? I signed up for Winder Dairy again so that means less mindless trips to the store and more fresh food! They have so much now!! Nachos sound good right now though..

Rachel said...

I agree, it's never too late and even if you have the tiniest backyard, there is always room for a garden. I would love to be on acres and acres of property with my own garden and farm animals, but for the time being we are in suburbia, but we still have a garden and even though it doesn't produce a whole lot, everything is so good and it is so good for my kids to see what gardening and composting (we do that too) is all about! I remember hearing a quote recently that read "Only eat what your grandmother would recognize as real food." Isn't that so true? I always keep that thought in the back of my head.
Well, I love your blog, I read it every day...thank you!!

Hannah said...

I so agree. I'm ashamed to say that I am a former health counselor. I need to get back on track. I think I'll go clean out my cupboard right now...

Katie said...

i am one of those who thought, "i can't do this." but i think i might start with avoiding fast food and try to buy healthier things at the store. i will start there and see where i go from there. thanks for the push!

Anonymous said...

"...The cheapest, stalest store brand cookies she could get."

My rather proper and polite family refers to those, quite uncharacteristically, as ButtCheaps™.

Why? Because someone once mentioned that the only reason anyone would ever buy cookies that are that stale and tasteless is because they are "butt cheap"...and the name stuck.

Perhaps I should give all unhealthy foods rude names, because I'm reticent to ask one of my daughters to "go to Aisle 5 and grab me a package of ButtCheaps™."

The Rowley's said...

Except Im married to your brother...
And I really love frozen pizza.
And french fries.
And nachos.
And all things deep fried.
Oh dear.

Jeana Bird said...

thank you.

Jill K said...

I ..uh.. just ate 3 oreo cakesters.

Tasha said...

Thanks for this post! As a college sophomore who loves to stop by the vending machine for some cheetos, I really needed to be reminded of that. You've inspired me!

PS- This blog is my favorite for recipes!

Lindsey Jaye Parry said...

After reading this post all I want is a burger and shake that you talked about in the middle.

I have filter for only unhealthy things.

I think this is no longer a problem for Sheena and more like for Jenny Craig.

Jen said...

love the encouragement! i want to eat healthier... but then i see spicy hot cheetos, or drive by the in 'n out burger... and well... healthy? that just flew out the window! ;) loving all these recipes you've been posting! makes me want to try some of this healthy stuff! :)

summer said...

thank you for giving me hope, sheena! now i just need you to keep talking about this round the clock and maybe i will stay on this mountain of motivation i'm currently on.

but you're so right- slow and steady, that must be the key. i will keep on adding and subtracting, bit by bit.

please tell me, is there a chance that i will eventually stop craving the unhealthy options? i always wonder if this deep-seated love of greasy cheeseburgers and processed keebler cookies will ever go away.